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How many heavy flow menstrual panty should be changed every day?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-18


    The survey shows that Japanese women change 6 times a day on average during menstruation, while Chinese women change 3 times. Nowadays, many heavy flow menstrual panty with "large absorption capacity" on the market make many women mistakenly believe that a sanitary napkin can be used for a long time, especially when menstrual blood is low, and only use one or two a day. This is a serious mistake. Experiments have shown that ordinary heavy flow menstrual panty become a "medium" for bacteria after 2 hours of use. The total number of bacteria on the surface can reach 107/cm2. Women's self-immunity decreases during menstruation and is more susceptible to external bacteria. In addition, moisture tends to accumulate locally in summer and cause allergies, so it is recommended to replace it every 2 hours regardless of the amount.


      Drug heavy flow menstrual panty are not suitable for everyone


       When the concepts of ultra-thinness, wing protection, and dryness are no longer fresh, medicated heavy flow menstrual panty have become the main product. Many businesses have launched heavy flow menstrual panty with rose, jasmine, lemon, and mint fragrances, as well as medicated heavy flow menstrual panty such as motherwort. These heavy flow menstrual panty are either added with different types of medicines, essences or additives, and some are sprayed with pure Chinese herbal medicines made of Sophora flavescens, Cnidium monnieri, Chuanhuanglian and Borneol. The ingredients added to medicated heavy flow menstrual panty are different. Generally speaking, they have the effect of sterilizing and relieving itching. At the same time, the cooling sensation of medicated heavy flow menstrual panty can bring comfort to women in hot or humid weather.


       But medicinal heavy flow menstrual panty have their own suitable people, and they are not suitable for everyone. Medicinal heavy flow menstrual panty are indeed beneficial to the menstrual care of women with inflammation, because it can play a role in cleaning the female genitals and assisting in the treatment of gynecological diseases to a certain extent. However, because people have different physiques, it is not recommended for women who have cold physiques and are afraid of the cold.




    Can medicated heavy flow menstrual panty really prevent and cure diseases?


    In the description of the medicated heavy flow menstrual panty, the health care and even healing effects after adding Chinese medicine ingredients are emphasized. "Adding a variety of Chinese medicine ingredients can regulate and prevent a variety of gynecological diseases, adjust the balance of yin and yang, warm the uterus, invigorate qi and invigorate the kidneys. It soothes the nerves and is effective in the treatment of about 70% of gynecological diseases..."


       Can heavy flow menstrual panty be used only during menstruation to achieve health care and treatment effects? Experts say this is not the case. Motherwort is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It is used in postpartum and abortion to invigorate blood and help women's body recovery. But this kind of medicine is basically taken orally, such as motherwort ointment, which has no effect at all when applied to the vulva. As for the statement that "it has an effect on about 70% of gynecological diseases", it is even more a side word of business propaganda, which is completely unreliable.


       How to store heavy flow menstrual panty after unpacking?


       Many female friends, for reasons of laziness or convenience, are accustomed to putting heavy flow menstrual panty in the bathroom. They do not realize that this is a taboo in using heavy flow menstrual panty. This wrong approach is worthy of warning.


      The reason is that ordinary heavy flow menstrual panty are made of non-woven fabrics, and the main material composition is fibrous material. Once this material is damp, the material is easy to deteriorate, which causes bacteria to enter and multiply in large numbers.


       Everyone knows that the female external genitalia is directly the same as the outside world. Especially in menstruating women, the immunity is relatively low, and it is easy to compromise when encountering bacterial invasion.


       Most of the bathrooms in our country are dark and damp, and there is no sunshine all day long, especially in the rainy season, it is easy to breed mold and contaminate heavy flow menstrual panty or toilet paper. Therefore, sanitary products such as heavy flow menstrual panty or toilet paper after unpacking should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, at least in a clean environment, and be careful not to use the product once it becomes damp.


    Of course, there are many products that have already taken this into consideration in the packaging design. For example, some brands use a cable harness or a zipper seal that can be sealed for multiple times, so as to better ensure the product's quality. Health and safety. In this regard, we can consider adding points to these products when we buy products. If we can consider these details more under the same conditions, we may be able to bring an unexpectedly good experience to your health.


    What causes allergy to heavy flow menstrual panty?


    According to gynecologists, there may be two reasons for allergies when using heavy flow menstrual panty. One is that the patient’s skin is sensitive. Nowadays, many heavy flow menstrual panty are made of dry mesh. The mesh is made of fiber. Some people may be allergic. The sanitary napkin itself does not meet the standard and does not meet the hygiene requirements. In addition, with regard to the popular heavy flow menstrual panty on the market, Dr. Du said that some women may also be allergic to these drugs, so the choice should be based on their own conditions.


       How can I choose a sanitary napkin that suits me?


       First of all, it depends on whether the heavy flow menstrual panty are produced by regular manufacturers. Like some well-known brands commonly found in big shopping malls, they should all have quality assurance. Don't buy some heavy flow menstrual panty in bulk and broken packaging for cheap. Secondly, try to choose the heavy flow menstrual panty you commonly use and have no adverse reactions. Generally, heavy flow menstrual panty with cotton surface are not easy to cause allergies. Women with sensitive skin should be cautious in using heavy flow menstrual panty with fiber mesh surface. Third, it is necessary to see the production date and shelf life. Many women do not have the habit of looking at the date when buying heavy flow menstrual panty, and they will buy a lot of "storage" at once. In fact, heavy flow menstrual panty also have a shelf life, and the quality of expired heavy flow menstrual panty is difficult. Assure that, in general, the closer the production date to the time of purchase, the better.


       Sanitary napkin allergy is still a trivial matter. Generally, if you switch to other quality heavy flow menstrual panty or stop using the brand that causes allergies for a period of time, allergies will disappear. However, if the use of unhygienic heavy flow menstrual panty causes gynecological diseases, it is not a trivial matter. Therefore, when buying heavy flow menstrual panty, female friends must keep their "picky" eyes open.


    Is it true that the whiter the sanitary napkin, the more dirty it is?


      Is the whiteness of heavy flow menstrual panty "bleached" out? There has been news that some criminals specifically recycled used heavy flow menstrual panty, then went through a series of rinsing, bleaching, and drying procedures, and then repackaged them, and finally sent these "products" to some remote rural areas for sale.


       As a woman, I cant help but get goose bumps when I hear such news. Imagine that a woman has a menstrual period every month, and some people even counted that a woman would use 15,000 heavy flow menstrual panty for one quilt. If these personal items are such a dirty source, wouldn't a woman's health be miserable?

       Fortunately, there are related departments that can only crack down on these lack of conscience businessmen and illegal behavior. However, I can't help but think of a question, is the white of heavy flow menstrual panty really bleached "white"?


    In fact, some heavy flow menstrual panty, the raw material itself has a very white color, no need to bleach; but some heavy flow menstrual panty are so white and luster because of the use of fluorescent whitening agent-but we don’t need to hear the fluorescent increase The whitening agent changes color because there are thousands of fluorescent whitening agents in the world, some of which are suspected to be harmful to human health, but they are not used in the paper industry; in other words, the fluorescent whitening agents currently used in papermaking , And there is no evidence that it is harmful.


    In fact, heavy flow menstrual panty are not completely sterile, because it is difficult and unnecessary: menstrual blood itself contains many microorganisms. According to a study, each gram of menstrual blood contains 108-9 microorganisms, but generally speaking , There is no harm to the human body. Therefore, many brands of heavy flow menstrual panty are not specifically disinfected, as long as they meet the national requirements: no pathogenic bacteria, and the number of microorganisms is within a certain range, it will not harm our health.


      Of course, there are some products on the market that are sterilized. It should be noted that most of the disinfection is through a chemical gas-ethylene oxide, which must be stored for a period of time afterwards before it can be marketed. Otherwise, the residual ethylene oxide may cause harm to the human body. The state also has special regulations to protect the health of consumers.





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