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Newly bought price menstrual panties are sterilized and disinfected by micro-heating in a microwave oven

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-18


    Price menstrual panties are essential sanitary products for women during menstrual periods, but in many cases we have very limited understanding of small personal items, and even some basic health knowledge are not available. Do you know how to maintain health during this time?


     Newly bought price menstrual panties, sterilized by micro-heat in the microwave


       1. How do I know if I am suitable for tampons?


      1) Generally speaking, tampons are more suitable for women who have begun to have sex because of their wider vaginas. However, many girls who love sports such as swimming will also try to use them. The reader feels pain when trying to push the tampon into the vagina, so it is not advisable to push it forcibly. It is recommended to ask a doctor to guide the correct use method.



    2) TSS refers to staphylococcal poisoning. The cause is that the tampon is placed in the vagina for too long, so the menstrual blood mixes with the bacteria to produce toxins and cause the patient to have a high fever. If germs enter other parts of the body, it can cause different diseases such as kidney failure.


       Therefore, when using the tampon, you should remember to change it regularly and do not use it for more than eight hours; but you dont need to get up at midnight to change it. Just put on a new tampon before going to bed and change it after you wake up.



    2. Tips for keeping price menstrual panties


    To teach women a new method of disinfection, we can wrap the newly bought price menstrual panties in newspapers and put them in a microwave oven for 2-3 minutes, which can effectively sterilize and disinfect. The main factor that causes itching after menstruation in most asexual women is that price menstrual panties are not properly disinfected. In addition, we should remember that price menstrual panties cannot be placed in the toilet at will, which will affect hygiene and cleanliness.


    3. How to store scattered price menstrual panties


    Female external genitalia are directly connected to the outside world, especially during menstruation, womens immunity and resistance are relatively low, and it is easy to compromise when encountering bacterial invasion. Many female friends, for reasons of laziness or convenience, are used to putting price menstrual panties in the bathroom. They do not realize that this is a taboo for using price menstrual panties. This wrong approach is worthy of warning.


    The reason is that ordinary price menstrual panties are made of non-woven fabrics, and the main material is composed of fibrous materials. Once this material is damp, the material is easy to deteriorate, causing bacteria to take advantage of the weakness and multiply. As we all know, the female external genitalia is directly the same as the outside world, especially the immunity of menstruating women is relatively low, and it is easy to compromise when encountering bacterial invasion.


    Most of the restrooms in our country are dark and damp with no sunshine all day long, especially in the rainy season. It is easy to breed mold and contaminate price menstrual panties or toilet paper. Therefore, price menstrual panties or toilet papers and other sanitary products after unpacking should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. Places, at least in a clean environment, be careful not to use the product once it gets wet.


    Of course, there are many products that have already taken this into consideration in the packaging design. Some products use a cable harness or a zipper seal that can be sealed for multiple times, so as to better ensure the hygiene of the product. And security. In this regard, we can consider adding points to these products when we buy products. If we can consider these details more under the same conditions, we may be able to bring an unexpectedly good experience to your health.





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