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When did menstrual period panties appear?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-18


    The invention of menstrual period panties is thanks to the American female nurses who served in France during the First World War. These women in light white clothes are the pioneers of modern professional women. Even during menstruation, they still have to maintain that elegance, agility and competence, so they made a bold attempt on menstrual supplies: the earliest menstrual period panties were made with bandages and medicinal cotton.


           Since then, menstrual period panties have quickly become a woman's irresistible acquaintance. It is said that the first advertisement for disposable menstrual period panties was launched by an American bandage manufacturer.


           In China, many women still have memories of the girly days when menstrual period panties were absent: the menstrual pads that can never be washed clean, the thickly folded menstrual paper, there are always a few days a month, and you need to lie very, very carefully. , Sit, get up, walk.


           "15 years ago, when I saw menstrual period panties for the first time, I was stunned!" 30-year-old Dia said: "Menstruation can be so refreshing, convenient, and even so luxurious!"


           Nowadays, menstrual period panties have become the most common small items in our lives, and the degree of convenience and thoughtfulness has made women in the past unimaginable. From roughness to exquisiteness, from helplessness to autonomy, from inferiority to pride, from bondage to freedom, menstrual period panties tell a woman's cycle and a woman's story.


            The origin of the tampons can be traced back to 1929. Its inventor is Dr. Earle Cleveland Haas (Dr. Earle Cleveland Haas) of the United States. Dr. Haas is an ordinary doctor. He spends most of his spare time on inventions. At that time, Dr. Haas's wife felt the inconvenience of using external, thick menstrual period panties, which made Dr. Haas think of doing something for his wife. In surgery, doctors or nurses often use cotton or gauze to absorb bleeding. Dr. Haas applied this approach to the use of menstrual hygiene products for women. He invented the world's first internal tampon. Dr. Haas' invention was patented in 1933 and named it "TAMPAX" (TAMPAX). Soon, the American market began to sell Dambis internal tampon, and the Dambis brand was also known as the first brand of internal tampons.


           In 1550 BC, there were records in Egypt that soft cloths were put into women’s vaginas to prevent pregnancy. Experts inferred that these soft cloths were also used to cope with menstruation, and that was probably the first generation of "menstrual period panties" we can know.

    The modern version of menstrual period panties is said to have been invented by an American man who loves his wife very much. He accidentally discovered that clean cotton fibers and absorbent pulp were wrapped in a soft cloth to make a long strip of cotton pad. It can effectively alleviate the pain and inconvenience of wife during menstrual period. This kind of cotton pad has become popular from European and American countries in the 1940s, and has gradually developed into the use of disposable materials.





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