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What should I pay attention to when buying disposable mentrual panties?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-18

Note 1: Choose well-known brands

Generally speaking, the production environment of large-scale disposable mentrual panties companies is relatively good, management is relatively strict, and physical performance and hygiene index inspection are strictly monitored. Many of them have passed the quality system certification. The products of these enterprises are generally high-quality products in the national supervision and random inspection of product quality, and the safety of disposable mentrual panties selected by these large enterprises can be relatively guaranteed.


Note 2: Look at the packaging


The packaging materials used for disposable mentrual panties must be non-toxic, harmless, clean, and have sufficient airtightness and firmness. Special attention should be paid to identifying the validity of the health permit. The state stipulates that the health permit can only be approved by the health department (bureau) of the province, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the Central Government. Try to choose independent packaging to avoid contamination during storage.


Note 3: Look at the date


It is necessary to see the production date and shelf life. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of expired disposable mentrual panties. It is best to buy disposable mentrual panties right away. You can store them in a small cotton cloth bag if you don't use them up. They should also be stored specially when you need to carry them when you go out. Don't mix them with the cosmetics in the bag. If the disposable mentrual panties are stored for a long time or get damp, the storage environment is not smooth, the temperature is high and humid, even if it is not opened, it will deteriorate and contaminate, which is very suitable for mold growth.


Note 4: Choose the one that suits you


Turning on the TV, disposable mentrual pantiesadvertisements take up a certain amount of space, new brands, new varieties, and new concepts are flying all over the sky, coupled with promotions, often lead to impulsive consumption. Generally, the cotton mesh surface is soft and comfortable, and it has little irritation to the skin and is not easy to cause allergies. The dry mesh surface absorbs quickly and is a good choice when the amount is large, but women with sensitive skin should use it cautiously or use less dry mesh surface and more cotton mesh surface. In addition, different disposable mentrual panties have different uses. Different types of disposable mentrual panties should be selected for different periods of time, such as high menstrual volume, low volume, daytime, and nighttime.





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