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Price menstrual panties have strong absorption capacity, which does not mean good quality

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-18


    Women use price menstrual panties every month to cope with the "troublesome days" of those few days. When buying price menstrual panties, women generally choose the type with strong absorption and refreshing power, but does strong absorption represent the quality of price menstrual panties?


    1. Strong absorption is not necessarily good

       "Not only has strong absorption, but also has good protection function", this is the slogan of most price mentrual panties. Many women also choose price mentrual panties with strong absorption and good protection function when they buy them, thinking that they can use the same sanitary napkin for a long time, which saves a lot of trouble. In fact, this idea is wrong, because menstrual blood is rich in nutrients, which is easy to become a "cultivation base" for the proliferation of bacteria. Therefore, price mentrual panties must be replaced diligently.


    Health reminder: When using price mentrual panties, remember: change every two hours; use medication price mentrual panties with caution to prevent allergies; wash your hands before disassembling price mentrual panties.


    2. Allergies are not trivial


    Some women have allergies such as itching and discomfort when using price mentrual panties. Some people think that this phenomenon is temporary and it will be better after a long time; some people will take some anti-allergic drugs by mouth. In fact, the only way to prevent allergies is to avoid allergens, so once you feel itchy or uncomfortable, stop using this sanitary napkin immediately. It is best to find out the ingredients that cause allergies (the most common is the fragrance in the sanitary napkin).


    Health reminder: People with sensitive skin should use less price mentrual panties with dry mesh and choose cotton mesh. The dry mesh surface absorbs quickly, but the cotton mesh surface is softer and more comfortable and less irritating to the skin. In addition, allergies are prone to occur in summer. This is due to the local accumulation of moisture, so you should pay more attention to frequent replacement.


    Regarding the choice of price mentrual panties, Ding Hui, director of the Women's Health Research and Training Cooperation Center of the World Health Organization, said that the cleanliness of menstrual supplies is particularly important. Because the pelvic cavity, uterus, cervix, vagina, and the external environment are all connected, this structure makes the female reproductive system particularly vulnerable to external pathogens, especially during menstruation, the resistance of the reproductive organs decreases, more than usual It is fragile. If you use substandard price menstrual panties, you are particularly prone to infection.





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