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What is liquid female underwear with menstrual pads

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-18


    Some girls should have this kind of trouble. They are always alive and energetic, and they seem to be fainted in the days of the month. The symptoms such as stomach pain, cold hands and feet are all coming, and I am afraid to make excessive movements and become awkward when walking. Therefore, I remind the majority of women to report that they usually pay attention to this aspect of maintenance and try not to eat raw or cold food. You can drink some ginger wood brown sugar water. As a girl, you know that a woman's menstrual period is very special, so you must take care of yourself. In addition to the usual body care, it is also important to choose a good sanitary napkin during the holidays. . Now the sanitary napkin market is mixed, and the sanitary napkin fluorescent agent has exceeded the standard and other problems have repeatedly appeared. I have to make female friends be more cautious in the choice of liquid  me female underwear withnstrual pads! .


    So do you know what liquid liquid female underwear with menstrual pads are? Listen to the editor in detail.

    According to the information provided by Procter & Gamble, this product called Always Infinity is composed of a material derived from a liquid. The material is liquefied by emulsification technology using pure water from Lake Ontario and nano-scale molecular polymers. Become. Different from the traditional cotton lint fiber material, due to the characteristics of water, it is more suitable for integrated products, and the material and density are better controlled during the production process.


    This product uses FlexFoam material, this material has a unique dual-density absorbent layer design, which can quickly and effectively conduct liquid downwards, while rapidly dispersing in the bottom layer, and this material was originally designed for baby care products, and finally It was found to be more suitable for the feminine care market, and the important thing is that this product does not have any fluorescent agent added.


    Another eye-catching innovative technology of Hushubao's futuristic sanitary napkin is its 3D-Fit tail wing groove, combined with FlexFoam shaping elasticity, like a 3D memory foam, which makes the towel body fit the human body perfectly. No matter what the squeeze, it can quickly return to its original shape, seamlessly fit the body, and avoid the trouble of leakage. At the press conference, Hushubao's washing machine running at high, medium and low speeds simulated the external force that women might experience when using liquid female underwear with menstrual pads. Tests have proved that even after repeated rotations in the washing machine at ultra-high speeds, after 180 seconds of uninterrupted squeezing and impact, this new generation of liquid female underwear with menstrual pads can still maintain its original shape, even without creases.

    Compared with ordinary liquid female underwear with menstrual pads, this liquid sanitary napkin is thinner, lighter and safer.





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