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The hazards of fake teens girls menstrual underwear

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-20


    Teens girls menstrual underwear are the "good friends" of girls. In case there is nothing wrong with teens girls menstrual underwear, it may endanger their health.


    The general packaging of fake teens girls menstrual underwear is very similar to the genuine ones, and it is difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake ones. Most of them are imitation products. The counterfeit teens girls menstrual underwear are very unhygienic, without any disinfection treatment, some teens girls menstrual underwear are packaged with "brand names" and then wholesaled to supermarkets and community retail stores across the country.


    In the production process of fake teens girls menstrual underwear, in addition to sulfur fumigation and polishing, in order to make the teens girls menstrual underwear whiter, they also use sodium metabisulfite to steam the teens girls menstrual underwear. Sodium metabisulfite, chemical name: sodium metabisulfite, is a kind of bleaching agent. With these procedures, imitations with high water absorption are similar to genuine ones. In addition, there is almost no difference in appearance between their packaging film and the genuine product. Sometimes, at first glance, consumers may think that the fake is brighter and more realistic.


    Remind all women that when choosing teens girls menstrual underwear, they must go to a regular store, choose products from a reputable manufacturer, and carefully check the hygiene license number, anti-counterfeiting mark, and shelf life on the outer packaging. These are just the most basic methods. According to industry insiders, in order to reduce the cost of the product, the printing effect on the packaging bag of counterfeit teens girls menstrual underwear is rougher than that of the genuine product. In addition, some inconspicuous places will be added to the packaging bag with the name of its own brand, so that consumers cannot see clearly. .





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