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menstrual underwear bamboo allergy symptoms

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-20


    From the first period to the last time, there are about 15,000 menstrual underwear bamboo in a woman's life. This is a huge number. There is no doubt that menstrual underwear bamboo are a good friend of a woman's life. So would you choose menstrual underwear bamboo with uneven quality on the market? What are the allergic symptoms of menstrual underwear bamboo and how to deal with them?


       Then why are you allergic? Many menstrual underwear bamboo have a dry mesh surface. The mesh surface is made of fiber. Some people may be allergic. The other is that the menstrual underwear bamboo do not meet the standards and fail to meet the hygiene requirements. Others are due to the addition of certain pharmaceutical ingredients to the menstrual underwear bamboo, it may also be caused by drug allergies, or vulvitis caused by airtightness.


    Allergic reactions to menstrual underwear bamboo usually include redness and swelling, local itching, small red spots or small bumps, etc. Once such symptoms occur, this brand of menstrual underwear bamboo should be stopped immediately, and the next best thing is to find out the allergen (usually Flavors in menstrual underwear bamboo), menstrual underwear bamboo with the same composition should not be used. For women with more sensitive skin, it is best to use less dry mesh surface, more cotton mesh surface is softer and more comfortable, and less irritating to the skin. If the allergies are more severe, you have to seek medical treatment for some medications.






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