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What is menstrual underwear cotton

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-20


    Negative menstrual underwear cotton means that the negative ion chip is clamped into the sanitary napkin. When the product is used, under certain temperature, humidity and friction, the negative ion chip can emit high concentration of negative ions, which achieves antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects through a purely physical process. And deodorization and other effects, have a positive effect on women's physical health.


    Negative menstrual underwear cotton: The first dual-core technology that organically combines active oxygen and negative ions, which can effectively increase the oxygen content in the body, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria while protecting beneficial bacteria, and can effectively maintain the female physiological self-cleaning ability; pure physical effect, It does not contain any drugs or chemical ingredients, and has no side effects; it allows women to continue to have a healthy, comfortable and clean physiological environment.


       Menstrual underwear cotton: unique 7-layer manufacturing process

      The first layer: quick-penetrating silk and thin soft cotton surface layer-absorption is 3 times faster.

      The second layer: the world's leading active oxygen instantaneous blue chip-effective anti-bacterial, help instantaneous inhalation

       The third layer: Dust-free paper packaging.

      The fourth layer: strong water lock (high molecular polymer, dry paper, with strong water lock function)

       Fifth layer: Dust-free paper packaging

       Sixth layer: breathable and comfortable (the base film has strong air permeability and can breathe)

       Seventh layer: Release paper (marked intermittent adhesive design, in line with ergonomic principles)






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