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Alternative usage of menstrual underwear women

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-20


    Menstrual underwear women are not only used by women during their menstrual period, but there are other uses, do you know?


      1 to the tide

    In winter or cloudy days, the humidity in the home is heavy. Whether it is a wardrobe or a bedroom, you can put a piece of sanitary napkin, which can absorb moisture in the air and remove moisture. The effect is better than professional dehumidifiers. In addition, the humidity is heavy like shoes, but second If you are in a hurry to wear it, you can put a sanitary napkin into your shoes, and you will find that the shoes have become dry and dry every night. Menstrual underwear women are very practical to remove moisture!

       2 powder puff

    When you go out to a party at night, or when you are outdoors, you want to touch up your makeup but find that the puff is gone. At this time, you can slice the sanitary napkin and fold the sticky side of it. Use the middle layer as a powder puff to touch up the makeup. The menstrual underwear women are all appropriate, and because the role of menstrual underwear women is relatively important, the safety and sterility are several times higher than other items, so there is no need to worry about hygiene.

       3 eye mask

      Yes, you read that right. As long as the two ends are fixed on the temples, it can be made into an emergency eye mask with very good light-shielding properties. If you have insomnia one night, you may wish to try it to help you fall asleep faster.

      4 Put it in the refrigerator to remove the odor

    Menstrual underwear women have a strong function of absorbing peculiar smell, so if you do not have a professional refrigerator deodorant at hand and want to eliminate the peculiar smell of the refrigerator when cleaning at home, you can put a sanitary napkin in the refrigerator for low temperature effect. The lower sanitary napkin has a stronger odor absorption effect, which can ensure that the refrigerator is odorless.

      5 hemostasis

    If you accidentally get injured and bleed outside, you can’t find medicine that can stop the bleeding. Clothes or toilet paper may be worried about bacterial infection. At this time, take a pack of menstrual underwear women. Because menstrual underwear women are absorbent, the hemostatic effect is twice as effective as other materials. But be careful, don't use it for too long, just remove it when you see that the blood has stopped.

    6 insoles

      I believe anyone who has experienced military training knows that using menstrual underwear women as insoles is not only soft and comfortable on the soles of the feet, but also helps prevent fatigue and deformation of the feet. It also has a super sweat-absorbing function to prevent sweaty feet and odor.


      7 instead of towels


    There are two types of menstrual underwear women that can replace towels in emergency situations, which are more practical than towels: first, when you have a high fever, you can wet the menstrual underwear women with cold water and stick them on your forehead to cool down. Because the water absorption is stronger than towels, the cold water retention time The second is emergency escape in the event of a fire. If you can cover your mouth and nose with a sanitary napkin, do not use clothes or towels. The menstrual underwear women are denser and the large amount of carbon dioxide produced by the fire is less likely to be inhaled by the human body.

       8 bicycle mat

       If you are riding a long distance or the bicycle seat is very narrow, you can put a sanitary napkin to protect the hip bone, and it is not easy to break the skin.

      How to choose a sanitary napkin with stronger water absorption?

       see water absorption factor

      Tear the inner layer, there are some transparent particles, that is the water absorption factor. If the water absorption factor is relatively fine and bright, the water absorption is generally strong, and if it is thicker and has no shiny feeling, the water absorption is inferior.

       look at the material

      The dry mesh surface absorbs faster, can lock a large amount of water, and is more absorbent than cotton surface.



      If it is used by women, it is not necessary to choose the one with strong water absorption. If women overly rely on the water absorption of menstrual underwear women and do not replace them in time, the air permeability will become poor and germs will grow.





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