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The harm of menstrual underwear dropshipping fluorescent agent

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-20


    Consumers are no strangers to menstrual underwear dropshippings as a daily necessity for women's lives. However, after the news of menstrual underwear dropshipping fluorescent agent was widely reported by the media, the majority of women began to have worries and fears about the familiar friend of menstrual underwear dropshippings. Here, I have compiled some common sense about the hazards and prevention of menstrual underwear dropshipping fluorescent agents, hoping to help female compatriots take care of our healthy life.


      The harm of menstrual underwear dropshipping fluorescent agent

       1. Cell mutation, risk of cancer

      According to medical clinical experiments, fluorescent materials can cause cell mutations, and the mutated fluorescent materials can receive electromagnetic waves or radiation with visible light shorter than ultraviolet wavelengths, and then convert these energy into visible light with longer wavelengths. Therefore, if there is excessive exposure to fluorescent agents, there may be a potential risk of cancer.


      2, hinder wound healing and increase liver burden

       In case of a wound on the body, the fluorescent agent combined with the protein in the human body will hinder the healing of the wound, and it is very difficult to remove it, and it can only be decomposed by the liver's enzymes, which undoubtedly increases the burden on the liver.

      3, causing damage to the blood system

    Fluorescent agents are easy to pollute human blood. Although blood has a certain self-purification ability, a small amount of harmful substances will be diluted, decomposed, adsorbed and discharged when entering it, but long-term and large amounts of toxic substances will be poured into it, which will inevitably cause qualitative changes. ; Into the blood circulation, it will destroy the cell membrane of red blood cells and cause hemolysis.

      4, reduce human immunity


      Scientific experiments have shown that after being absorbed by the human body, the fluorescent agent is not easily decomposed like general chemical components. Accumulation in the human body will produce many harmful effects and greatly reduce the bodys immunity.





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