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What are the differences between pads and menstrual underwear target

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-20


    What is the difference between pads and menstrual underwear target? Many people do not know the difference between pads and menstrual underwear target, especially girls who have just entered their menstrual period. Are all asking what is the cushion? What is the difference between it and menstrual underwear target? Here is the basic difference between pads and menstrual underwear target.


      One of the differences, different items are used in different periods

       Let me talk about menstrual underwear target first. Menstrual underwear target are also called menstrual underwear target. Everyone knows its purpose. When women have menstrual cramps, menstrual underwear target are used to absorb menstrual blood and prevent blood stains from contaminating clothing. Menstrual underwear target are generally made of high-molecular polymer composites of cotton, non-woven fabric, paper pulp and other materials. They have good water absorption capacity. At the same time, menstrual underwear target have side designs to prevent side leakage. Menstrual underwear target can be divided into soft cotton drainage net surface and double soft dry net surface. Both have their own characteristics and are suitable for female friends with different preferences. Personally, it is not recommended to buy a miscellaneous brand. The poor quality can easily cause hot flashes, itching, and mold. Instead, you should use well-known brands such as Sophie and Afternoon to ensure safety. In ancient China, women used white cloth towels as menstrual underwear target to absorb menstruation. After replacement, they were washed with clean water and used again next time.

    The principle of    pad is very similar to that of menstrual underwear target, but it is suitable for different periods. It is mainly used to absorb daily secretions outside the menstrual period to prevent contamination of clothing. The invention of the pad is completely an extension of the sanitary napkin. The invention of the pad has solved a lot of troubles for female friends. Because the pads are generally small in size, and light and thin, they will not cause discomfort when used. It is like a thin cotton soft towel, usually 1.5 mm thick. The cushion basically has no absorbing effect. It has no wings, and the two round ends are narrow in the middle, which prevents vaginal secretions from getting onto the underwear. It can be used every day.


      The second difference, different supplies have different uses

       The difference in thickness and size is the main difference between pads and menstrual underwear target. Pads are small, thin and thin, which makes people feel no discomfort, but they cant absorb much menstrual blood and are easy to leak on the pants. Menstrual underwear target are generally larger and are used during menstruation. Even mini menstrual underwear target are only reduced in size, but they can absorb more menstrual blood than pads. The pad can be used in normal times, that is, when there is more vaginal discharge. Use menstrual underwear target for more menstrual flow and sanitary pads for less menstrual flow. Use menstrual underwear target when you come. Of course, when the menstrual period is about to end, using menstrual underwear target is uncomfortable, and sanitary pads can also come in handy.


    Speaking of this, everyone basically has a certain understanding of the difference between pads and menstrual underwear target. I believe that everyone has a clearer concept of the difference between pads and menstrual underwear target. Which one to use depends on your own Depending on the situation, more and more female friends are becoming more and more concerned about their own health and hygiene issues, and I believe that female friends can cherish themselves better.





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