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Use period heating pad on the fourth day of menstruation

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-17

    What should I use for period heating pad on the fourth day of menstruation?
    Do you want to use period diaperperiod heating pad
    Every time you use period diaper on the fourth day of menstruation, you have to prepare a reassuring and convenient one. Because the uterine membrane falls off, the choice of aunt’s towel is very important. I am a very heavy type, and I also use period diaper.
    This time, I recommend comfortable pants for the little fairies on the fourth day of menstruation. If you need it, you might as well start it early.
    At the beginning of the fourth day of menstruation, I was a little worried when I used the relief pants. I was worried that this pair of period diaper, which looks slightly bulky, would be uncomfortable to sleep in?
    period heating pad use experience
    After using the comfort pants on the fourth day of menstruation, there is another experience that impressed me very much. The sanitary napkin cotton in the crotch area is very elastic and has a very high absorption rate.
    Because of its 360-degree leak-proof design, this type of relief pants is really suitable for the fourth day of menstruation with the sister of period diaper. Of course, ordinary girls are also worth starting with this new style of menstrual supplies, no matter what, menstruation On the fourth day, the period diaper are very easy to use!





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