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The principle of menstrual underwear near me

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-20


    Menstrual underwear near me are made of a new type of liquid material, FlexFoamTM, imported from Europe and the United States, which is liquefied with pure water from Lake Ontario and nano-scale molecular polymers through emulsification technology. And traditional material


    The difference in quality is that because the characteristics of water make it more suitable for integrated products, the material and density are better controlled throughout the production process.


    Menstrual underwear near me have very magical absorption pores, which can completely change the one-way absorption problem of ordinary sanitary napkins, and achieve three-dimensional ring absorption in the true sense, dragging the liquid from top to bottom, so that the liquid is evenly dispersed . With FlexFoamTM


    The unique dual-density absorbent layer is matched. The upper layer with larger absorption holes can quickly grab the liquid, and the lower layer with fine structure can disperse and store a large amount of liquid. The liquid will be sucked to the end before it can stay on the surface. It’s really done sucking fast, sucking


    In the end, even if it lasts for eight hours, it can be kept clean.





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