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Menstrual underwear reviews

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-20


    I'm used to seeing menstrual underwear reviews, so do you know panty-style menstrual underwear reviews? Today, the editor will take everyone to understand the Aster panty menstrual underwear reviews.


       Editor noticed that Aster's pant-type menstrual underwear reviews priced at RMB 9.5/pack have only two pieces in a pack, and the specifications are all waist circumference 60-100cm. Currently, only Aster has such products on the market. From the appearance point of view, it is very similar to maternity towels and baby pull-up pants, and even the method of use is the same, but the price is much more expensive


       The average price of adult diapers on the market is generally about 2 yuan per piece, while this sanitary napkin costs about 4.75 yuan per piece, which is twice the price. Why is it so expensive? The explanation given by the supermarket shopping guide is that the fit, breathability and absorbency of this sanitary napkin are much better than ordinary adult diapers. Nevertheless, some citizens still questioned, "It is too expensive for the obvious feeling of large diapers."


       In fact, pant-type menstrual underwear reviews are not really an invention of Aster. According to industry insiders, this kind of sanitary product, which made the disposable panty body part and the sanitary napkin part into an integral structure, was launched as a patented product in the 1990s.





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