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Sanitary napkin manufacturers tell you how to choose menstrual underwear commercial

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-20


    There are many brands of menstrual underwear commercial on the market, the packaging is similar, and the product descriptions on the packaging are similar. Many women don’t know the quality of menstrual underwear commercial. The only standard for the benefits of menstrual underwear commercial, the following introduces inferior menstrual underwear commercial and its disadvantages.

    First, look at the packaging. The packaging of inferior menstrual underwear commercial is generally not exquisite, the pictures and text are not so clear, and the quality of the packaging bags is also very poor. This is also to save costs.


    Secondly, look at the film. Open the sanitary napkin, first of all, the color is not so white, it turns into white-gray, and there are small impurities in it, there is no luster, and even the hair will be shed. It will start to open with a slight stroke, and the ingredients inside can be clearly seen. Good-quality menstrual underwear commercial have natural colors and bright packaging. The menstrual underwear commercial are flat overall, do not shed hair, and will not be easily torn.

        Third, fluorescent agent. Inferior menstrual underwear commercial have brighteners. The brighteners are chemicals. There is a simple way to identify them. Put the menstrual underwear commercial under the money detector. If there are blue dots, it proves that there are brighteners. Menstrual underwear commercial with brighteners are harmful to human health.


       Menstrual underwear commercial are women's private parts. These inferior menstrual underwear commercial seriously affect women's reproductive health. Some can even cause gynecological inflammation in women, such as pelvic inflammatory disease and endometritis. Long-term inflammation can lead to women's irregular menstruation. Long-term irregular menstruation can affect women's fertility problems. These effects may seem small, but if you use these inferior menstrual underwear commercial every month, diseases will accumulate over time, so we must learn to distinguish inferior menstrual underwear commercial.

        If the majority of women encounter inferior menstrual underwear commercial and require relevant departments to respond, these counterfeit and inferior products must be suppressed, and they must not be allowed to circulate in the market to harm the health of other women.


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