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How often will the menstrual underwear canada be replaced?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-20


    Many women have an awkward problem. The more they are during menstruation, the more likely they are to suffer from some gynecological diseases, which makes women who are uncomfortable feel more uncomfortable. Menstrual underwear canada are the main culprits that cause women's diseases during menstruation. In addition to being healthy, menstrual underwear canada must be replaced frequently. How often should menstrual underwear canada be replaced? Let's take a look together today.


      The skin of the genitals is similar to the skin of the lips. It is very delicate and requires a breathable environment. If it is closed too tightly and moisture accumulates, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause various gynecological inflammations. The frequency of sanitary napkin replacement is not a matter of time, but a matter of quantity.

       Studies have shown that menstrual underwear canada that do not change for two hours and a humid environment can cause a large number of bacteria to grow. Therefore, menstrual underwear canada and sanitary pads must be replaced frequently, even when the amount is small.

    What are the hazards of not changing menstrual underwear canada for a long time?


      When women have menstruation, their bodies are weaker, and the immunity of their private parts will decrease. If you do not do a good job of resisting bacteria and keep your private parts clean, bacteria and germs can easily invade the body and cause vaginal infections.

    At this time, if a woman uses a sanitary napkin for a day or half a day, menstrual blood can easily accumulate in the sanitary napkin, making the originally damp and dark private environment more humid and darker, and this becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. With a good base, the human body is vulnerable to the invasion of viruses and bacteria.

    How often is it appropriate to change menstrual underwear canada?

       Then, how often should I change the menstrual underwear canada? Generally speaking, a woman's menstruation lasts for about 3-7 days each time. During the menstrual period, the amount of menstruation is different every day, so "how often to change the sanitary napkin" should be determined according to the number of days and the amount of menstrual blood.

       Days 1-2: Change every 2 hours. Generally, the menstrual blood volume is the largest on the first and second days of menstruation. It is recommended to change menstrual underwear canada every 2 hours during the day and use large-size menstrual underwear canada at night to prevent side leakage and stuffiness.


      Day 3-4: Change every 3-4 hours. On the third day of the menstrual period, menstrual blood volume will gradually decrease. It is recommended to change a sanitary napkin every 3-4 hours during the day. If you have a small amount of friends, you can switch to a reduced version of menstrual underwear canada or pads to prevent the private parts from being hot and causing itching.

    Days 5-7: By the fifth day, the menstrual blood volume is not much, but girls should not think that it is not necessary to change menstrual underwear canada. During this period, it is recommended to change sanitary pads frequently to keep the private parts dry. . is not to say that changing menstrual underwear canada frequently will prevent you from getting gynecological diseases. Changing menstrual underwear canada depends on the constant amount of each person. If you like to exercise, the amount of exercise will be more, then you should change more frequently, otherwise the sweat will mix in the menstruation and stay in the sanitary napkin. It is best to change it every 2 to 3 hours when the flow rate is high, and do not exceed 4 to 5 hours when the flow rate is low. Even if the menstrual holiday is coming, the vulva should be cleaned every day. The more important it is to clean the more menstrual period. Before using and replacing, be sure to wash your hands to prevent the germs on your hands from spreading to the sanitary napkin.





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