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It is said that women are afraid of it coming and looking forward to it-only heating pad for period are not afraid of it

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-17


    At 4:50 in the morning, the editor of the pajama manufacturer sat up suddenly, unable to open his eyes. I see things through the gaps I try to open. I woke up in the middle of the night with nothing but nightmares and menstruation.


    heating pad for period


    If men want to experience this feeling, they will never imagine it. The dam burst and flash floods broke out. This kind of time is generally not able to lift the energy, but at night it is 120,000 points of vigilance. Years of experience will make you wake up instantly before the blood leaks or overflows on the bedsheets, and your heart shouts "coming." ! Get out your menstrual pyjamas!"


    heating pad for period


    Every girl has experienced the pain of washing partial sheets in bed early in the morning. The sense of danger, whether you put a 290, 380 or even a 410-length aunt’s towel, cannot be saved, unless you heating pad for period.


    Most women are also accompanied by mild diarrhea, belly bulging, backache or severe constipation. They also don’t sleep well at night, feel uncomfortable, and worry anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is natural that the mentality of those few days collapsed, and I have never seen the river rushing in the lower body. Can jump up and down.


    The advertisement says "It doesn't hurt, it's easy every month", I can tell you very responsibly: And! No! Have! ! It doesn't hurt and it can't be easy. The exquisite girl spinning and jumping on TV is unrealistic.


    How to judge the age of a girl?


    She was embarrassed to say "that" in her words, and even her menstrual pyjamas had to cover her partner's ears to speak softly. Most of them were new to their teens and some can be outspoken. In short: girls who never get up early and calmly wash the sheets are not enough. Language life. At this time, you should use period panties. Even if I am destined to be unlucky, I must let go and try my best. Never bow my head to God without resisting. Fate is connected with luck. No luck can only work hard. Yes, it is possible to catch my life. To live, you still have to live earnestly and not admit defeat.





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