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Do you know how to buy reusable pads menstrual?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-20


    Reusable pads menstrual are indispensable sanitary products for women's growth and life. According to the survey, the number of reusable pads menstrual used by women in their lives may be about 15,000. Such a big data, but do you have any knowledge about reusable pads menstrual? What's wrong? ? Did you know that improper use of reusable pads menstrual can cause gynecological diseases? So how to avoid it? Today, the editor will explain to everyone in detail how to choose reusable pads menstrual.


       reusable pads menstrual have a kind of adsorption power. Its main material is cotton-like pulp and polymer tube body, which is used to take over the menstrual blood that flows out of the vagina when a woman's menstruation comes.


    Inflammation of the private parts, follow the medical reusable pads menstrual carefully


      Pharmaceutical reusable pads menstrual are also commonly circulated to promote antibacterial, antibacterial, antipruritic, relieve dysmenorrhea, relieve discomfort, and balance vaginal pH. If the total benefit follows the medical reusable pads menstrual, it will break the balance of the acid in the private parts, form the dependence on the medical reusable pads menstrual, reduce the private parts' immunity to themselves, and clean the infection, but it will be more vulnerable to the invasion of bacteria. Women suffering from gynecological diseases Yes, maybe use it, healthy women can not use it.


    A lot of menstruation determines a dry mesh funnel type


       If you have a lot of menstruation, you should decide to have a funnel-shaped sanitary napkin with a dry mesh on the surface. The surface is dry, and it may not suffer from damp; the funnel-shaped plan is better than the barrel-shaped plan. The middle layer is preferably breathable and contains a high-efficiency gelatinization layer. The bottom layer is preferably made of breathable materials.


    Decide to use the built-in hemostatic tampons more carefully

    Although hemostatic tampons are popular with many women because of their large amount of built-in and takeover, they form a closed space due to the entry of hemostatic tampons into the vagina. If they are not replaced on time, the random sloppy will lead to rapid growth of normal bacteria in the vagina and cause infection and inflammation. What's more, it may become one of the incentives of toxic shock syndrome. And when the amount of menstrual blood is too small, if it is not used to exchange hemostatic tampons, there will be an environment where menstrual blood flow backwards during eternal use, which will constitute cervical diseases and other gynecological diseases.


    Those with sensitive skin should use cotton reusable pads menstrual


       One is that it has sensitive skin. Nowadays, many reusable pads menstrual have dry mesh surfaces. The mesh surfaces are made of fibers. Some people are allergic. There is another category of reusable pads menstrual that cannot meet the standard and cannot be reached. In addition, some reusable pads menstrual are added with a certain drug ingredient, yes, maybe they are allergic to drugs. Cotton-covered reusable pads menstrual are not sloppy and cause allergies. For women with sensitive skin, use fiber-net reusable pads menstrual with caution.

      Private parts are the weaker parts of women. We need careful care. For us, we should carefully distinguish and select when using sanitary products personally. Among them, people with skin allergies must be careful. The above is a reference document provided by a small editor for everyone. I hope it will be beneficial to everyone.





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