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What should I do if I am allergic to period heating pad?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-21


    There may be two reasons for allergies to using period heating pad. One is that the patient’s own skin is sensitive. Now many period heating pad are made of dry mesh. The mesh is made of fiber. Some people may be allergic; the other is that the sanitary napkin itself does not meet the requirements. Standards fail to meet hygiene requirements. "

       In addition, regarding the drug period heating pad that are quite popular on the market now, experts say that some women may also be allergic to these drugs, so the choice should be based on their own conditions.


    The raw materials of period heating pad from regular manufacturers have undergone special safety testing and have been used for many years. If allergies occur, it is usually due to our physical problems-it is the same reason that people who eat shrimp or crabs will be allergic. Therefore, you must not underestimate allergies to period heating pad.


    The only way to prevent allergies is to avoid allergens, so once you feel irritation, itching, or discomfort, stop using this sanitary napkin immediately. It is best to find out the ingredients that cause allergies (the most common is the fragrance in period heating pad). Do not use period heating pad with the same ingredients.


    Experts recommend: "People with sensitive skin should use less dry mesh surface and more cotton mesh surface. Dry mesh surface absorbs quickly, but cotton mesh surface is softer and more comfortable and less irritating to the skin." In addition, it is more likely to occur in summer. Allergies, this is due to the accumulation of moisture in the local area, so we should pay more attention to frequent replacement. "


       Tips for using period heating pad to avoid sanitary napkin allergy:

    1. Be sure to wash your hands before disassembling period heating pad;

    2. Replace every two hours;

    3. Use medicinal period heating pad with caution to prevent allergies;

    4. Period heating pad should not be placed in a dark and damp bathroom. Most of the restrooms in our country are dark guards, there is no sunlight all day long, and they are so humid that it is easy to breed mold and contaminate period heating pad.

      Relieves allergies to period heating pad, allowing you to easily cope with your menstrual period.





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