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Girls' favorite item during menstrual microwavable period heating pad

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-17

    Recently, I did an interview with the girls around me. The subject of the interview was: menstrual symptoms and hormonal fluctuations during menstrual comfort. The estrogen in the body decreases, and androgen stimulates the sebaceous gland pores to secrete more and more oil!

    microwavable period heating pad
    Acne has also broken out, so in this period, people’s top priority in skin care is to pay attention to facial cleansing + oil control, choose some soft but strong cleansing cleanser, or use some products with oil control balance. Reduce the chance of acne

    microwavable period heating pad
    Every time I wash my face, I feel like I have done a deep cleansing. There is also a treasure, it really depends on it to save lives-menstrual sleep pants, if you force a side leakage during menstruation, you can take it! ——Menstrual Pajamas! I bought this menstrual sleep pants in the supermarket and used it once, and I plan to repurchase it indefinitely in the future.

    Wear it on the next day, with sheets and pants, no trace of blood, highly recommended!

    microwavable period heating pad
    An easy-to-use menstrual pyjamas can definitely enhance the well-being of the menstrual period. The comfort pants are zero-touch, very light and thin, and have good air permeability. They are not sticky at all for summer use. The fit and softness are also perfect. They can be used in comfort pants. Yes, the sisters who haven't used it must give it a try and never regret it!





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