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How to choose the microwavable period heating pad that suits you

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-21


    Microwavable period heating pad are more familiar to female friends. Women need about 15,000 microwavable period heating pad in their lives. Do you know how to choose microwavable period heating pad for our personal use? Does the same thing in the ad suit you? Today, I will tell you how to choose microwavable period heating pad.


    Use medicinal microwavable period heating pad with caution when there is no inflammation in private parts

      Among many types of microwavable period heating pad, some of the medical microwavable period heating pad on the market generally claim to have antibacterial, antibacterial, antipruritic, relieve dysmenorrhea, relieve discomfort, and balance vaginal pH. Although this sanitary napkin can play a role in cleaning the private parts of menstruating women to a certain extent, it cannot sterilize. Women suffering from gynecological diseases can use it, but healthy women are not necessary. If you always use medicated microwavable period heating pad, it will break the acid-base balance of private parts, cause dependence on medicated microwavable period heating pad, reduce the self-immunity and cleansing effect of private parts, and become more susceptible to bacteria.

      For women with sensitive physique, medication microwavable period heating pad should be used with caution, because they may cause skin allergies and symptoms such as itching in private parts. People with sensitive skin should choose soft and comfortable cotton microwavable period heating pad with little skin irritation.


    Choose a dry mesh funnel sanitary napkin for more menstrual flow

    For the condition of excessive menstrual flow, each brand has a corresponding product that is right for this situation. You can also use some small methods yourself, such as long and thick products such as special long night use. In addition, you can also be diligent and replace as many times as possible. It's okay, it's not particularly difficult.

       When the menstrual volume is heavy, you should choose a sanitary napkin with a dry mesh funnel on the surface. The dry surface can protect the local skin from moisture; the funnel design is better than the barrel design, and the liquid that penetrates is not easy to return. The middle layer is preferably breathable and contains a high-efficiency gelatinization layer.

    The sanitary napkin with a high-efficiency gel layer can condense the infiltrated liquid into a jelly-like shape, and will not seep back after being pressed, and the surface does not have a sticky feeling. The bottom layer is made of breathable materials, which can allow gaseous water molecules to pass smoothly, so as to achieve the effect of timely exhausting moisture, effectively reducing the role of microwavable period heating pad and body moisture, and effectively reducing microwavable period heating pad and the body. The dampness and sultry heat between the body keeps the feeling of dryness and freshness.

    Choose built-in tampons to use more carefully

    The built-in tampon is a kind of menstrual sanitary napkin placed in the vagina, which directly absorbs menstrual blood in the body. It is tightly compressed by a piece of safe and hygienic pure white cotton lint. It quickly and evenly expands radially to the surroundings, and gently adheres to the vaginal wall, which can absorb all menstrual blood in the body. So it can prevent leakage and keep the body clean and dry.


    Although the tampon is favored by many women because of its built-in and large absorption capacity, the tampon is inserted into the vagina to form a closed space. If it is not regularly replaced, it will easily lead to the rapid breeding of normal bacteria in the vagina, resulting in infection and inflammation. , More likely to become one of the inducements of toxic shock syndrome. When the menstrual blood volume is too low, if you do not change the tampon diligently, the menstrual blood will flow back after long-term use, which may cause gynecological diseases such as endometriosis.

       recommends that if you use it, you should change it every two to three hours. When the amount is small, don't extend the use time because you are worried about waste, so as to avoid infection of the genitals and cause unnecessary trouble.

    Those with sensitive skin are best to use cotton microwavable period heating pad

       Microwavable period heating pad are partners that women must date every month, but they can also cause allergies. There may be several reasons for allergies to using microwavable period heating pad. One is that the skin is sensitive. Nowadays, many microwavable period heating pad are made of dry mesh, and the mesh is made of fiber. Some people may be allergic. The other is that the sanitary napkin itself does not meet the standard and does not meet the hygiene requirements. In addition, some microwavable period heating pad are added with a certain kind of medicine, which may also cause allergies.

       Cotton-covered microwavable period heating pad are not easy to cause allergies. Women with sensitive skin should be cautious of using fiber-net microwavable period heating pad. Microwavable period heating pad also have a shelf life, so don't buy too many at once.





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