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Can the period pads sanitary napkins organic be used every day?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-21


    Everyone knows that pads are a kind of care products commonly used by our women. It is like a "mini" sanitary napkin. It is small, light and thin. It can be used when menstrual blood is low or there are more vaginal discharges after the menstrual period.


      Because the period pads sanitary napkins organic is light and safe, many women often use the period pads sanitary napkins organic, but the use of the period pads sanitary napkins organic is also particular. If it is used improperly, it will cause harm to the human body. Can the pad be used every day? What should I pay attention to during use? Experts from the Women's Hospital will answer for you.

    Can the period pads sanitary napkins organic be used every day

      Gynecological Hospital experts remind all female friends: pads cannot be used every day, excessive use of pads is not good for women's health.

    According to experts, sanitary pads generally have more chemical fiber components and less pure cotton. Women’s genital skin and mucous membranes have long-term contact with chemical fibers. Sanitary pads are susceptible to irritation, especially in sultry weather, wearing tights and airtight environments. It is easy to cover up bacteria, such as: red bumps, itching of the vulva, burning of the vulva. In severe cases, women may also experience local redness and bleeding, which can cause bacteria to multiply, produce retrograde infection, and induce vaginitis.

    During the treatment of vaginitis, because the vagina and vulva are in the recovery period, a large amount of secretions will appear, which makes the lower body of female patients uncomfortable. Therefore, many women like to use sanitary pads during the treatment of vaginitis. In fact, this is done. Is incorrect.


       One side of the pad is cotton, and one side is a plastic film, which is airtight and extremely easy to breed bacteria. "The chance of getting vaginitis with pads every day will increase greatly, especially if some girls are lazy and use a pad for a day. In this case, even with pads called "super breathable, ultra-thin, and ultra-dry" Prone to infection and inflammation." Gynecological experts pointed out.

    Health common sense of using pads


      1. Change the pads every 4 hours at most, and dont allow bacteria to accumulate for too long;

       2. Use a cotton pad, so that the air permeability will be better;

      3. No need for fragrance pads, because the fragrance comes from the addition of chemical agents, which is irritating to the skin and harmful to the local environment;

      4. Do not use the period pads sanitary napkins organic immediately after bathing, let the local environment be completely dry, it is best to use a fan, dry slowly with cold air before sticking the period pads sanitary napkins organic, don't let the environment start from damp;

       5. After urination, try to wipe off the secretions with a paper towel to reduce the "carrying capacity" of the pad.

       Womens health problems have always been the focus of attention of all women, but womens health problems are often caused by improper daily habits. It is necessary to get rid of the habit of using pads for a long time.





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