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free period pads rumors revealed

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-21


    Free period pads rumors revealed

       Regarding the "free period pads rumors" spreading wildly on the Internet, the editor said that I can't stand it anymore. Can people use free period padss in peace?


       As the saying goes, good things don’t go out, rumors have spread thousands of miles, and free period pads rumors will only increase the psychological burden of menstruating women. But don’t panic, Sun Yat-sen University released a "Report on Menstrual Free period pads Use" last month to uncover the truth for us:

    The survey took 2500 non-menopausal women aged 18-45 as a sample. A 9-month follow-up survey report was conducted to investigate the use of free period padss, such as menstrual history, use sensation, and gynecological symptoms. The survey results obtained The sisters were shocked-"It is not true that cool free period padss are bad for health"!

       Are you kidding me? The menstrual rumors that once convinced women were actually false propositions.

       Not only that, the report said that the long-term use of high-quality free period padss, the sample population has a healthier trend, menstrual discomfort, dysmenorrhea frequency and leucorrhea odor have also improved, and the majority of women can make friends with cool free period padss happily.

       The rumors about menstruation rumors spread on the Internet are self-defeating, and women's menstrual problems really do not complain about cool free period padss.

    How to choose free period padss, do you know?


    smell it

       Try to buy free period padss that have no fragrance. One is to avoid causing gynecological diseases, and the other is to tell whether the free period padss smell of chemicals through the sense of smell.

      If the free period pads has a slight chemical smell, please do not buy it!



      Identify free period padss through tactile sense. It is especially easy to distinguish between true and false.

      A good free period pads has a uniform thickness and a clean surface. The color will not be too white or black. When pinched by hand, it feels fluffy and soft, which is difficult to achieve with fake free period padss.


       If you are a little worried about the free period padss that you have already bought, you can take them apart for a test now.

       Choose the liquid close to the blood liquid state and pour it on the free period pads. Good free period padss will absorb it quickly, while fake free period padss are more difficult, because most of their materials are black cotton made of garbage and plastic bags.





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