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Talk about the problem of

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-21


    Period pads pull up, known as one of the "Ten Great Inventions Affecting Mankind in the 20th Century", have long become an indispensable "partner" in women's lives.

       Today we will talk about the issue of "carcinogenic period pads pull up"!


    Can fluff pulp cause cancer?

       Fluff pulp is made of specific wood (usually wood pulp) and has good water absorption.

      Most of the period pads pull up and baby diapers in the world are made of fluff pulp as raw materials, combined with shrinking water-absorbing resin. So far, only liquid period pads pull up have no fluff pulp.

       Does the fluff pulp cause cancer? I can only say that the fluff pulp is really innocent and very wronged!

       There is currently no medical evidence to prove that chorionic pulp has carcinogenic effects.

       If period pads pull up or paper diapers are carcinogenic to humans, why are they still in widespread use after nearly 100 years of use?

    Can fluorescent agents cause cancer?


       After talking about fluff pulp, let's talk about fluorescent agent.

       Fluorescent brightener is an industrial chemical substance that can emit light under ultraviolet light, which can increase the whiteness of fiber and paper.

       Like the fluff pulp, there is actually no medical evidence that fluorescent whitening agents have carcinogenic effects.

       The International Agency for Research on Cancer under the World Health Organization has conducted investigations on morpholine, an intermediate in the production of fluorescent whitening agents, and has not listed it as a known carcinogen to humans.


      Moreover, the fluorescent agent is soluble and can be completely excreted from the body through normal metabolism. There is no effect on the wound healing of trauma.

    Are there really substandard period pads pull up?

    There are unqualified period pads pull up, because it is not ruled out that some black-hearted workshops will purchase "black heart pulp", and use the fluff pulp made by processing and crushing expired period pads pull up, waste newspapers, etc. as qualified fluff pulp, in order to increase Brightness is processed by re-bleaching!

       Therefore, the unqualified sampling is true; it is carcinogenic, it is false.

      The reason for the disqualification is that bacteria and fungi exceed the standard.





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