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There were no period pads target in ancient times

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-21


    Period pads target are a must-have item for women every month, as well as an artifact to save the aunt. It is hailed as one of the top ten inventions that have influenced mankind in the 20th century. So in ancient times, there were no period pads target, what should they do when they came to "aunts"?


    ancient times

      In primitive times, women had no measures to deal with menstruation.

      In ancient times, when human thoughts had changed, women used sponges in the sea or hay and the like to make period pads target.

    Early Feudal

       Women have learned to use silk cloth to make a bag, put plant ash into the bag, and tie the head with a thin thread around the waist to become a so-called sanitary belt. As an early sanitary napkin, the silk cloth can be reused after washing.



       In the nineteenth century, it entered the stage of "washable period pads target". Women put cotton wool or rags into bags and used them as so-called "rag bags".

    In addition to using rag bags, women of that era would wear "hygienic aprons" between their hips and clothes (a rubber pad the size of a half apron, with a piece of cotton cloth on it, and then wrap it around the waist. The cotton cloth on the rubber pad is wrapped around the hips. The genitals, then use safety pins or hanging clips to fix),

       So in the days when menstruation came, it was always very inconvenient.



       Over time, "fiber cotton" was invented, which was added to other product applications, including disposable bandages and their extended products.

       And nurses began to use gauze, surgical cotton or cheese-wrapped cloth to make their own "disposable period pads target", and period pads target were born.

    In the twentieth century, some companies started to produce period pads target. Women used safety pins or tied a sanitary belt to fix the sanitary napkin (a "physiological belt" is similar to a garter belt tied to the waist, with a belt around the genitals in the front , A belt is also used to go around the buttocks at the back, and then use a safety pin or a hanging clip to fix the sanitary napkin)





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