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How to buy high-quality period pads in spanish?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-21


    1. The surface mesh should be dry


      The surface layer should choose a dry mesh funnel type. The dry surface can protect the local skin from damp; the funnel-shaped design is better than the barrel-shaped design, and the infiltrated liquid is not easy to return.


    2. Period pads in spanish should be breathable


    It is best to choose breathable materials, which can allow gaseous water molecules to pass through smoothly, so as to achieve the effect of timely exhausting moisture, effectively reducing the effect of period pads in spanish and body moisture, and effectively reducing the effect of period pads in spanish and body Humidity and sultry heat in the middle, keep the feeling of dry and fresh.


    3. Look for the packaging label


    The outer packaging of period pads in spanish should have the following signs: sanitary license number, production date, shelf life or validity period, implemented standard number (GB8939-1999, GB15979-2002), name and address of the producer, etc., period pads in spanish with full identification should be selected. And try to choose newly produced ones.


      The sealing of each outer package and individual small package should be smooth and free of air leakage; a good sanitary napkin should have a clean surface, uniform thickness, and no damage to the sealing.


       In addition, from the perspective of hand feel, good period pads in spanish are made of fluff pulp with strong absorption and good fluffiness, so they are light and soft, and period pads in spanish mixed with other pulp and scraps are heavy and hard.





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