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Will period pads walmart made of fluff pulp be harmful to the body?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-21


    With the development of society, people’s pursuit of a healthy life is getting higher and higher. For example, it is said that malachite green is carcinogenic, so aquatic products containing malachite green are never touched; it is said that shrimp and tomatoes will produce toxins when cooked together. Resolutely will not eat together; it is said that fluff pulp is harmful to the body, and period pads walmart made of fluff pulp are not used. Everyone knows that the carcinogenic rate of normal scalar malachite green is not as high as drinking a glass of water. Shrimp and tomatoes will indeed produce arsenic, but the dose produced is very small, so little or even no feeling, normal metabolism can reduce "Toxins" are easily discharged. Is the sanitary napkin made of fluff pulp harmful to the body?


    1 What is fluff pulp?

       Fluff pulp is wood pulp and straw pulp after processing. It is a kind of pulp used as a water-absorbing medium in the production of various sanitary products (such as period pads walmart, baby diapers, hospital mattresses, etc.). The raw material for making fluff pulp is commercial softwood.

    2 What is the effect of fluff pulp on period pads walmart?

       The main function of fluff pulp in period pads walmart is to absorb water and blood. According to the use of fluff pulp, the properties of fluff pulp can be summarized into three parts, namely the general properties of fluff pulp, the properties of fluff pulp board and the properties of fluff. The general properties of fluff pulp include whiteness, organic solvent extraction, fiber length and its distribution; the properties of fluff pulp board include quantitative, tightness, burst resistance, and moisture; the properties of fluff include specific volume, moisture absorption time and moisture absorption speed , Moisture absorption. In terms of the current absorption effect of period pads walmart, fluff pulp + water-absorbing polymer is the best absorption combination.


    3 How many period pads walmart use fluff pulp?

       Except for liquid period pads walmart, they are basically made of fluff pulp. Both domestic and foreign period pads walmart are made of fluff pulp. However, due to the fact that China has fewer commercial forests and limited extraction technology, most fluff pulps are now imported.

       Some articles on the Internet say that "fluff pulp is bleached with large pulp such as secondary recycled paper towels, period pads walmart, scraps, and hospital recycled cotton". Does it really exist?

      The use of black heart pulp does exist. According to professional knowledge, there are indeed secondary fluff pulps used by bad merchants on the market. In order to increase the brightness, they are processed by fluorescent bleaching! It is not ruled out that some small black-hearted workshops will purchase "black-heart pulp", just like the "black-heart cotton" in previous years.

    How to tell if it is inferior fluff pulp

      1. Use a special ultraviolet pen to detect fluorescent agents to irradiate period pads walmart in the dark, high-quality fluff pulp will appear purple, while inferior fluff pulp will appear blue (due to bleaching with fluorescent agents).

      2. The pros and cons of fluff pulp can be directly reflected in the sense of experience. High-quality fluff pulp will bring skin-friendly comfort, and inferior fluff pulp will bring discomfort such as itching and allergies.

      3. The raw materials purchased by regular manufacturers are sent to the local quality inspection department on a regular basis for sample testing. The annual inspection of the company's annual health permit requires these test reports to pass. When purchasing period pads walmart, you can first find out whether the company that manufactures the product has relevant qualifications and certifications.

      Return to the question of "Is the sanitary napkin made of fluff pulp harmful to the body?" According to the above analysis, it can be shown that high-quality fluff pulp will not be harmful to the body, let alone cause disease.


       here strongly condemns those illegal vendors who make "black heart fluff pulp" and small workshops that use "black heart pulp" processing. At the same time, we resist those rumors or groups that are partial and out-of-context, and do not hope that the broad audience will be "used" in a half-knowledge situation and thus "assisted" these rumors or groups. Consumers must keep their eyes open, consume rationally, and do not listen to unregulated propaganda and rumors. Believe: The rumors stop at the wise.






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