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How to avoid period pads near me allergy?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-21

Women will definitely use period pads near me in those few years every month, but improper selection or use can easily cause sanitary napkin allergies, so what should I do if sanitary napkin allergies occur? The following is an effective way to avoid sanitary napkin allergies.


1. The main way to prevent allergies of period pads near me is to avoid allergens.

When you feel aerobic, irritation and other uncomfortable feelings, you should stop using this sanitary napkin immediately. It would be better if you can find out the allergic ingredients, the most common Allergic ingredients are the essence of period pads near me. Do not use period pads near me with the same ingredients.


2. For women with sensitive skin, it is best not to use a dry mesh surface.

Instead, choose period pads near me with a cotton mesh surface. Although the dry mesh surface has fast absorption, the cotton is softer and more comfortable, and has little skin irritation. Especially in summer, allergies are more likely to occur, which is caused by the accumulation of moisture in the local area, so pay attention to frequent replacement.


3. To prevent allergies to period pads near me, it is recommended to change one sheet within two hours.

Some women like to use sanitary noodles because they cannot bear the peculiar smell of menstrual blood left on the period pads near me, but in fact, there is no peculiar smell when the menstrual blood just flows out. After the air was removed, an oxidation reaction occurred, and several chemical substances were mixed together to produce a bad smell.

4. It is recommended to choose products with good air permeability and replace them frequently,

which can effectively avoid allergies to period pads near me. Dr. Ding Hui recommends that women are not suitable for eating high-fat and high-calorie foods during menstruation, and should focus on vegetables, fruits, and beans. , Try to eat light food, can make the body feel refreshed.


5. Keep a certain distance from the sanitary pad.

Although it is suitable for travel before and after menstruation, it is a convenient and practical choice, but it should not be used frequently. The skin of the female genitals is similar to the skin of the lips. If the lips are damaged, the plastic surgeon can transplant the genital skin. The best environment for the skin of these two parts should not be too dry or too moist. The delicate skin needs a well-ventilated environment. If it is too closed, too much moisture will accumulate, which will easily breed bacteria and cause health risks.

   It is recommended to wear high-woven cotton underwear, wash and change frequently every day, and choose products with good air permeability when sanitary pads are needed. In addition, if there are more leucorrhea, yellowish or bloody, or peculiar smell, it may be a symptom of vaginal diseases such as vaginitis, and you need to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.





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