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Can you understand the packaging of women period diaper

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-21


    Various parts and performance of women period diaper


       Wing guard: The product that the sanitary napkin has evolved gradually during the development process. Two wings-like extensions emerge from both sides of the sanitary napkin body, which can fix the sanitary napkin and help prevent menstrual blood leakage.

       Fan-shaped tail: The fan-shaped structure derived from the end of the sanitary napkin to both sides can effectively prevent back leakage.

    Breathability: It can allow gaseous water molecules to pass through smoothly, so as to discharge moisture in time, effectively reduce the effect of women period diaper and the body, and effectively reduce the humidity and sultry between the sanitary napkin and the body, and maintain Feel dry and fresh.

       Fit: The arc design makes the sanitary napkin close to the body and feels more secure.

    Anti-side leakage ability: When the two sides of the crotch are compressed and the sanitary napkin is compressed to half of the original, there is still no side leakage on both sides of the sanitary napkin; any concave anti-folding line can prevent the sanitary napkin from wrinkling and reduce Opportunity for side leakage.

    Special structure of some women period diaper

       KMS refreshing factor: KMS health formula contains menthol, houttuynia cordata, Ximitai and other Chinese and western medicine ingredients. These ingredients have anti-inflammatory, detoxification, and heat-clearing effects, so it is added with a refreshing durian flower scent. It is refreshing and refreshing when used. Cool and comfortable feeling. It can also neutralize the peculiar smell of menstrual blood during menstruation.

       V-shaped choke bulge: The back of the absorber is "V-shaped choke bulge" and soft and elastic like a small cushion, which gently fits the concave-convex curve in the center of the buttocks, and blocks the flow of blood afterwards in time.

       Dynamic: The natural three-dimensional elastic protective enclosure can effectively block the menstrual blood, even if the amount of days is large, it will give you all-round peace of mind. No matter how you move, it fits closely with the body, there is no gap, and there is no worry of leakage.

    Shunjie: Shunjie series has unique magical fast-osmotic embossing and breakthrough absorption layer, so that the absorption speed can reach twice the original. It can make menstrual blood quickly pass through the surface layer and the absorption layer at the moment of contact with the skin. The AGM molecules are quickly absorbed and condensed into a gel-like tightly locked, hardly seeping back.

    Sleeping type: The newly improved "non-deformable absorber" in the center of the towel body is full of elasticity and can quickly return to its original shape after being compressed; there are also double grooves to support the entire absorbent body, and the towel body will not be deformed even after prolonged or repeated squeezing .


       Breathable structure: Large and deep openings are evenly distributed on the front, dissipating stuffiness. The back uses a super delicate breathing membrane to let out moisture.

      Silk thin: The ultra-thin design of the towel body is more breathable and can give people a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

       Three-dimensional protective enclosure: Like a wall, it generally stands on both sides of the towel body at a certain angle to help prevent menstrual fluid from flowing out of the side.

    The main constituent materials of women period diaper


       PE perforated film: commonly known as "dry mesh surface", it is composed of a PE film with special micropores, which can prevent menstrual blood from re-infiltrating and keep the front side of the film dry.

       polymer composite paper: polymer composite paper is mainly a high molecular polymer formed by the combination of cotton, non-woven fabric, and pulp, which is used to absorb menstrual blood flowing out.

       Fluff pulp: Wood pulp and straw pulp after bleaching and extraction of organic solvents.

       Polymer absorber: Women period diaper with high-efficiency gelling layer can condense the infiltrated liquid into a jelly-like shape, do not seep back after pressure, and have no sticky feeling on the surface. The commonly used material is polymer resin.





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