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Five common sense of using period diaper pants

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    Physiological products are designed for women's menstrual period, from daily protection of vaginal wall secretions, to egg white-like vaginal discharge during ovulation, and menstruation during menstruation. Many female friends have troubled their brains for the monthly menstrual care. During menstruation, the resistance of the reproductive organs decreases. If the care is not performed properly, inflammation or infection of the genitourinary system is particularly prone to occur. The following are relevant tips for the selection of period diaper pants, which can help reduce the incidence of female reproductive system.


    1. It is best to use less scented products

      The smell of period diaper pants is because of the different types of drugs, essences or additives added to it. These additives may cause skin allergies. If there is damage on the skin, these allergens will penetrate into the blood and cause allergic diseases in other tissues and organs of the human body except the genitourinary system.

    2. Improper use of tampon will bring health risks

       If you do not clean your hands before using the tampon, it will bring germs into the vagina and cause infection; improper placement of the tampon may also cause vaginal wall damage. Women who have had vaginal diseases in the past are best not to use it.


    3. Change often to keep healthy

      The period diaper pants that women dont change for a long time, the local accumulation of menstrual blood greatly increases the humidity, and the local ventilation is poor, which is more beneficial to the propagation of bacteria and increases the frequency of various gynecological diseases. Choose cotton period diaper pants and replace them in time to reduce allergies and skin diseases. Do not mix with cosmetics in the bag.

    4. Pay attention to physical and mental reconciliation during menstruation

       Maintain a good mood, eat less high-fat and high-calorie foods, increase the body's resistance to foreign bacteria and viruses, and reduce infection and disease.

    5. Take a shower during menstruation


       Shower during menstrual period is mainly based on showering. Try not to take a bath and reduce the number of bathing in public places.





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