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You must choose the pull up sanitary diaper for periods that suits you!

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    What brand of pull up sanitary diaper for periods do you use?


    What do you like about it?


    Is it soft, dry or breathable?


    Is this just enough?

    You may have experienced the following conditions every time your aunt visits: itching, odor, allergies. . . . .

    Is the material of the pull up sanitary diaper for periods bad or your skin is too sensitive?


       In the entire structure of the aunts towel, the surface layer is in direct contact with the females private muscles. It can be said that the material of the surface directly determines the quality of the aunts towel.

       The three most popular types on the market are soft cotton surface, dry surface and pure cotton surface.

       Dry surface layer, called PE perforated film in the industry, take-out lunch boxes, mobile phone film, and fresh-keeping film in daily life are all made of PE material. The PE material of pull up sanitary diaper for periods is harmless to the human body, but it is easy to be allergic.

      The soft surface layer is mostly non-woven fabric. Now most pull up sanitary diaper for periods and baby diapers on the market have soft surface layers.

      The pure cotton surface layer is a thin layer of fiber sheets with the same direction through the spunlace process, and then pressed into a non-woven fabric.

       Which one do you prefer? Is it pure cotton? Pure cotton is soft and comfortable, so many of our daily necessities, such as towels, clothes, and bedding, will choose pure cotton. However, pure cotton also has a shortcoming. It is easy to breed bacteria and produce peculiar smell in a humid environment, just like towels for bathing in summer. There will be a peculiar smell the next day.

       Compared with winter, women will change their pull up sanitary diaper for periods more frequently in summer. One is because sweating is so humid and uncomfortable, and the other is because sweat breeds bacteria and it is more likely to emit unbearable odors.


       An experiment showed that after 2 hours of continuous use of ordinary pull up sanitary diaper for periods, the total number of surface bacteria can reach 107 per square centimeter.

       You might say that it is important whether pull up sanitary diaper for periods can inhibit bacteria? Anyway, it takes two hours to discard it, and it's not for long-term use.

    If our eyes can be like a microscope, you will see that the pull up sanitary diaper for periods you use are densely packed with bacteria. Newly reproduced bacteria and dead bacteria coexist on a sanitary napkin and will be with you in 2 hours. Your skin is in close contact, causing your intimate muscles to produce varying degrees of allergic itching symptoms, and also exudes bursts of peculiar smell, because menstrual resistance is reduced, allowing bacteria to run rampant, it is also easy to cause inflammation, infection of gynecological diseases, prevention is far greater than curing this We all know the truth, but often many people don't pay attention to it and regret it later.





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