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Precautions for the use of always period diaper

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22

Women can’t escape for a few days every month. Women’s body resistance will also weaken when menstruation comes. This is also the time when bacteria are most likely to invade the body. If you don’t pay attention to personal hygiene, bacteria will invade your body and get sick. At this time, if personal hygiene is not done well, you will get various gynecological diseases. At this time, always period diaper are most likely to become the most unhygienic. Nowadays, there are many kinds of always period diaper on the market, including scented, Chinese herbal sterilization, mesh, and cotton soft. How to choose the most suitable sanitary napkin? Eight points for attention when choosing always period diaper.


1. Don't buy promotional always period diaper

   Under normal circumstances, promotional products and gifts are unsalable products that businesses urgently need to deal with, and product quality cannot be guaranteed.

2. Don't be a trial member of new products

New things are always what people are pursuing. When a new sanitary napkin brand comes out, it will say that there is a certain ingredient in it that is good for the body, and you don’t know if this ingredient has a good effect or a negative effect. For example, there are net always period diaper on the market now, and its breathability is very good. This is worthy of recognition, but every woman is suitable for this sanitary napkin, and many of them will use the net. If you have redness, swelling and itching, you are looking for a reliable brand when you buy always period diaper.

3. Use always period diaper with medicine fragrance with caution

Medicinal always period diaper have a certain effect on gynecological diseases, but everyone’s physique is different. Some women will have vulva itching when they come into contact with allergic drugs. Everyone’s body will be allergic to certain drugs. It is better to use other methods to prevent gynecological diseases. Women like scents, but they can’t play a fundamental role. Don’t pursue the scent to make your body allergic and you will lose out.


4. Always period diaper with a large amount of absorption are not necessarily good

Many women choose always period diaper with high absorption capacity because they are afraid of leakage. This is a wrong approach. If menstrual blood accumulates in the always period diaper and has not been replaced, the air permeability is not very good. Bacteria like this environment. Undergrowth, cause gynecological diseases.

5. Don't put always period diaper in the bathroom

Always period diaper will become unhygienic when placed in the bathroom. Non-woven fabric fibers are the most important material of always period diaper. The bathroom is also a place where no light can be seen all day. When the humidity is very high, the always period diaper will change in quality when wet. It breeds a lot of bacteria, so always period diaper should be placed in a dry place and not in the bathroom.

6. Wash your hands before using always period diaper

  When using always period diaper, it is inevitable that you will come into contact with always period diaper, and human hands are where there are many bacteria. If you put bacteria on always period diaper, the bacteria will also be transmitted to the body through reproduction, and the body will be infected with diseases.


7. Change of always period diaper lasts about two hours

The menstrual blood is rich in nutrients suitable for the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Always period diaper must be changed on time. According to the survey, American women change always period diaper 6 times a day on average, while China only change always period diaper 3 times a day. In contrast, China The index of women suffering from gynecological diseases is also higher than that of Americans. The best health is not to change always period diaper frequently.





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