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Look at the hazards of inferior period diaper reddit

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    I really don’t know the harm caused by inferior period diaper reddit to women! A previous report said that a woman had itchy lower body due to inferior period diaper reddit, and gradually people began to pay more attention to the purchase of period diaper reddit. .


    Studies have shown that period diaper reddit must be produced in a dust-free environment, and the materials used must also be high-quality, while inferior period diaper reddit are only made in small workshops. Women use them to cause redness, itching, etc. It may lead to the occurrence of female infertility.

    Everyone is surprised, how can period diaper reddit become the cause of women's infertility? According to statistics from authoritative departments, 97.6% of women in China have one or two gynecological diseases in their lives, and about 70% are caused by period diaper reddit. It is caused by improper or inferior period diaper reddit, which can lead to infertility in severe cases.

    The hazards of inferior period diaper reddit

       1. Use chemical fiber surface layer or rough soft cotton surface layer, which is strong to skin irritation and is easy to cause allergies.

      2. Most of the paper used is made of recycled recycled pulp plus some chemical components, which contains polyethylene, which can cause harm to the body.

      3. Inferior period diaper reddit contain a small amount of water-absorbing materials, which have poor water absorption and water retention capabilities, which not only easily cause side leakage, but also cannot keep the surface dry. In this case, bacteria are more likely to breed.

      4. The use of air-tight plastic film makes the body smelly when hot and humid, and can cause local skin itching in women.

       5. Adopt chemical industrial glue, which contains methanol, ethanol, formaldehyde, benzene and heavy metals. These ingredients are strong carcinogens.

      6. The pH value is relatively alkaline. Most bacteria, cocci and trichomoniasis are easier to grow and reproduce in the alkaline environment, which can easily cause vaginal inflammation. In severe cases, infertility and candida infection may occur.

    Physiological characteristics of women's menstrual period

       1. The opening of the cervix makes it easy for bacteria to get in.

      2. Menstrual blood reduces the acidity of the vagina and reduces its antibacterial function.

    Misunderstandings of using period diaper reddit

       1. Do not wash your hands before using period diaper reddit.

      2. Put period diaper reddit in the bathroom for a long time.

       3. Not paying attention to the expiration date of period diaper reddit.

      4, often buy promotional items and gifts.


       5. Period diaper reddit with medicine or fragrance are often used.

      6. Women with allergies should use period diaper reddit with caution or without medication.

       7. Changing period diaper reddit is not frequent enough.

      A woman needs about 15,000 period diaper reddit in her life. But this small personal thing, once used improperly, is likely to cause health risks. A few days ago, some experts suggested that period diaper reddit are sometimes simply a germ bomb carried by women, which can cause a mild or serious disease at any time.


        How dirty are period diaper reddit? An experiment showed that after 2 hours of continuous use of ordinary period diaper reddit, the total number of surface bacteria can reach 107 per square centimeter.

       Menstrual period is called "extraordinary period" by many women. Women in this period have poor resistance. If they don't pay attention to nursing, they will cause various discomforts.

       In addition, because most women use improper methods, it is easy to cause "secondary pollution" of period diaper reddit and threaten their health. For example, if the sanitary napkin is kept in the bathroom for a long time, the material of the sanitary napkin will deteriorate after being damp, and bacteria will easily invade and multiply.

      Using inferior period diaper reddit is easy to get gynecological diseases, so be sure to choose high-quality period diaper reddit. Don't make fun of your health just to save that few dollars.





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