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Which period diapers walmart or tampon to choose?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    When every woman reaches a certain age, there will be a menstrual period. In those "special" days, how should aunt's towels and tampons choose? If you don't be a female man, you must be a beautiful girl. Girls must take care of themselves even more! After reading the analysis below, you have a spectrum.


    The built-in tampon has a variety of designs, such as the eight-sided pattern, the tampon is more swollen, and the tampon can also prevent side leakage, keep the human body comfortable and hygienic, as long as you replace it on time, you can make the tampon in The body is completely absorbed, preventing the liquid from contacting the air and producing odor, and the tampon is very convenient to carry.

       Now most girls exercise to lose weight, so tampons are more suitable than period diapers walmart. Whether it is use experience, carrying, absorption, anti-slip measures, etc., it has good advantages for girls.


    Generally, the code numbers used for tampons are small, medium, large and super large. Now more and more women are pursuing a high-quality life, and they are more courageous to try new things. In most European countries, hygiene The use rate of tampons has reached more than 80%, and in China, the trend of using tampons will become more and more obvious.

       However, the tampon also has its shortcomings. It is more difficult for many women to operate. If it is not put in the right way, it will cause slight harm to the body. In China, most women are accustomed to using period diapers walmart, but the blood on period diapers walmart is exposed to the air in a large area. In addition to various environments, it is easy to produce a kind of peculiar smell, bacteria will be proliferated, and most period diapers walmart are very Thick, period diapers walmart are very uncomfortable to use in summer. Sometimes the blood on period diapers walmart is likely to be stained on underwear or body hair, which further increases the probability of bacterial infections. However, period diapers walmart are also uncomfortable. The advantages of less, such as more convenient to use, but also very safe.


       Generally speaking, in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of the aunts towels and tampons, the tampons are slightly more restrictive, and there are many hidden safety hazards. The period diapers walmart have relatively small safety hazards and are easy to change.





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