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How to use kotex period diapers to be healthy?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    Even a "female man" will become "Lin Daiyu" when the aunt comes. Menstruation is a time when women are both physically and mentally vulnerable. If protective measures are not in place at this time, then physical health is easily damaged. Kotex period diapers, as an item of "intimate contact" with the body, are directly related to women's health.


      How to use kotex period diapers to be healthy? Do you really know what you use often?


    The importance of kotex period diapers for women

       Women have a unique physiological structure. The upper end of the vagina is connected to the uterus and fallopian tubes directly through the abdominal cavity, and the lower end is directly connected to the outside world. The front of its opening is the urethral orifice, and the back is the anus. This structure makes the female reproductive system particularly vulnerable to external pathogens, especially during menstruation.

    The resistance of the reproductive organs during menstruation is reduced, and the pelvic organs are congested due to endocrine effects; the endometrium is shedding to form a wound; the cervix is relaxed; the acidity in the vagina is also reduced due to the washing of menstrual blood, and the inhibition of bacterial growth is lost. The natural defense effect of menstrual blood; and menstrual blood is a good culture medium for bacteria to multiply, so it is very important to use kotex period diapers correctly during menstruation.


    How to choose to buy kotex period diapers

    1. Choose a brand

       When purchasing kotex period diapers, you must choose brand kotex period diapers produced by regular manufacturers to understand their sanitary index control and whether they are safe and clean. Do not buy some kotex period diapers in bulk or with broken packaging.

    2. Look at the date

       mainly depends on the production date and shelf life. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of expired kotex period diapers. It is best to buy and use immediately.

    3. Choose the one that suits you

       You must choose the one that suits you. This is very important. People with sensitive skin are best to use cotton mesh kotex period diapers. Different kotex period diapers have different uses. Different types of kotex period diapers should be selected for different periods of time, such as high menstrual volume, low volume, daytime, and nighttime.





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