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The menstrual diaper for women

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    Menstrual diaper for women are private products that women use every month. And it's something that every girl has to use for decades.


       Menstrual diaper for women are essential items for women during menstrual periods, and they are also particular about how to use them. When some people use menstrual diaper for women, they have some wrong bad habits, leading to itching in their private parts, and even serious gynecological diseases. In addition, a large number of "black cotton" menstrual diaper for women on the market have risen, resulting in uneven products in the market, putting women at double risk. middle.


       The most serious thing is that many women have the habit of not changing their menstrual diaper for women for a long time, and they have to wait until the menstrual diaper for women are "full" before replacing them.

      do you know? Doing so is very dangerous, and it simply turns menstrual diaper for women into a "germ bomb".

    When menstruation comes, the private parts are very hot and humid. If you do not change the menstrual diaper for women for a long time, the parts are not breathable, and itching is prone to symptoms after a long time. With the help of warm and moisturizing menstrual blood, the bacteria will quickly Reproduction, large amounts of bacteria may retrograde upwards, causing gynecological diseases such as vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and endometritis.

       Think about it carefully, this is a terrible thing, so I suggest that you change a sanitary napkin every 2-3 hours, and you can replace it with a pad on the last day with a small amount.

       Now let's talk about how to choose menstrual diaper for women correctly: try to choose big brands and don't buy those "cheap" menstrual diaper for women. In addition, when choosing, in addition to paying attention to the sealability of the outer packaging, be sure to check the product label, and try to choose the most recently produced product.


      Some female friends like to buy medicines or fragrances, which they think can suppress menstrual odors.

    In fact, this idea is wrong, because the fragrance ingredients do not represent cleanliness, and people's physique varies greatly. Some people will be allergic to certain substances. To avoid unnecessary harm, it is recommended that most women buy colorless Odorless menstrual diaper for women.




      It is best not to use sanitary pads on days other than menstruation. Most cushions have a layer of plastic at the bottom, which is poorly breathable and easy to breed bacteria





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