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What is a wing anion sanitary napkins

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    It belongs to the technical field of sanitary products. The wings are located on the side of the body of the sanitary napkin. The body and the wings of the sanitary napkin are of a split structure, and the two are joined together at the joint. When making, the body of the sanitary napkin and the wings are made separately, then the two are joined together at the joint, and finally cut by a forming knife. The body and the wings of the sanitary napkin have a split structure, and the structure is reasonable, so that the body and the wings of the sanitary napkin can be separately manufactured.


       Top soft and cool mesh surface, unique three-dimensional funnel-shaped holes, make absorption faster, prevent back leakage, and keep the mesh surface dry.

       proprietary breathable bottom film makes the heat emission more than three times more than the ordinary low film, and it gives you a piece of relaxation.

       contains strong polymer absorbent paper, which has strong absorption and does not leak back.

      The unique ring-shaped concave design and three-dimensional wings can effectively prevent side leakage.

       wing-shaped wings stick more firmly, wrinkle-proof to prevent deformation and displacement.

    How to use wing anion sanitary napkins? Instructions for wing anion sanitary napkins


      How to use: Open the package, take out the sanitary napkin, first tear off the paper tape in the middle, and put the rubber side in the middle of the crotch of the underwear, and aim the two ears at the narrowest part of the crotch. Then tear off the small piece of sticker on the back of the left "ear", fold the "ear" from the narrowest part on the left side of the underwear to make the front of the underwear tightly glued, and then tear off the sticker on the back of the other side of the "ear" Paste, reflex from the right side of the narrowest part of the panty crotch to fix the panty crotch front. Because of the adhesive adhesion of the bottom of the sanitary napkin and the fixing of the "ears" from both sides, the sanitary napkin will be firmly adhered With the bottom of the underwear, it is more difficult to move when moving.

    Warm reminder to use anion sanitary napkins

       is attached to the underpants. When the cotton pad absorbs more blood, it must be replaced. It is quite convenient to use and feels very safe, so most women in Taiwan like to use anion sanitary napkins. However, when the weather is hot and humid, menstrual blood infiltrates easily and makes the genitals easy to be infected with Candida albicans, which may cause itching of the genitals. Therefore, it is necessary to change the anion sanitary napkins frequently when using anion sanitary napkins.


    Principles for choosing anion sanitary napkins

       Inferior anion sanitary napkins can easily lead to womens gynecological diseases. When choosing sanitary napkin products, it is best to use less or no fragrance anion sanitary napkins, and try to use more well-known sanitary napkin brands such as Qidu Space, Afternoon, and Sophie. Rose, jasmine, lemon, mint and other scented anion sanitary napkins are added with different types of drugs, essences or additives, which are the main causes of skin allergies. If there is a damaged place on the skin, these allergens are still It can penetrate into the blood and cause allergic diseases in other tissues and organs of the human body except the genitourinary system.





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