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Cheap sanitary napkins-do you really understand?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    The choice of menstrual cheap sanitary napkins Every woman can't lack a "good friend". This is the sanitary napkin of the aunt. Women's physical resistance decreases during menstruation. Failure to pay attention to rest and care will cause physical discomfort. So do you know about cheap sanitary napkins?


     1. What are the materials used to make cheap sanitary napkins?

      Good quality cheap sanitary napkins are composed of fiber cotton soft surface layer, dust-free paper, PE breathable base film, release paper, high-powered water-locking resin, which can make menstrual blood quickly penetrate into the inner layer while keeping the contact surface dry. And it has a soft texture and good absorption. It can absorb water tens to hundreds of times its own weight, and the menstrual blood after absorption is stored inside the towel body.

    2. How to judge the quality of cheap sanitary napkins?

      A, cotton soft surface: the most ideal pure cotton material, high air permeability, not easy to cause allergies, while the general chemical fiber mesh cheap sanitary napkins are more prone to allergies;

      B, strong absorption capacity: it can allow menstrual blood to flow into the sanitary napkin quickly, and the ability to store blood is high, reducing the chance of permeating to both sides due to lack of time to absorb;

    C. High anti-leakage ability: When the lower sides of the crotch are compressed and the middle of the sanitary napkin is compressed into half of the original, the sanitary napkin still has no leakage test on both sides, and the concave anti-folding pressure line can prevent the sanitary napkin from wrinkling. , Reduce the chance of side leakage

      D. Adhesive backing: All materials must be glued into a sanitary napkin, and the sanitary napkin must be pasted into the underwear, and hot melt adhesive must be used. The cheap sanitary napkins with ordinary plastic cast film as the base film use ordinary hot-melt glue, and the cheap sanitary napkins with PE microporous breathable film need to use low-temperature glue, which is slightly more expensive. The adhesiveness of the backing should be moderate, non-sticky will cause the sanitary napkin to shift during use, and too sticky will also cause tearing during the pulling process.


    3. How to choose the sanitary napkin that suits you

      Women during menstruation are most vulnerable to skin damage in sensitive areas. The survey shows that 73% of women experience local skin itching/burning during menstruation. This is mostly caused by the use of non-breathable cheap sanitary napkins. Therefore, in order to make special days more comfortable, it is very important to choose the right cheap sanitary napkins.

    Cheap sanitary napkins are generally composed of three parts: the surface layer, the absorption layer and the bottom layer. The materials and functions of these three parts are mainly considered when selecting. Immunity and antibacterial ability, and has the functions of regulating blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, eliminating odor, eliminating fatigue, improving endocrine and promoting metabolism, etc.), allowing women to continue to have a healthy, comfortable and clean physiological environment. The quality of the product meets the requirements of the human body's PH value; let consumers use it healthier, safer, more comfortable, and more assured).






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