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Precautions for using sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    The structure of the cushion is that there is a layer of plastic at the bottom, which has poor air permeability, which will keep the local temperature and humidity at a high level for a long time. The two are more likely to make people inseparable from the cushion, which causes a vicious circle. Under normal circumstances, when the PH value of the female genitals is at 3.8-4.2, it will form a natural protection against bacteria, and there is no need to use a pad.


      Long-term use of pads not only creates suitable conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungi, but also destroys the pH of the guide and reduces the role of the local protective barrier. Of course, you will suffer from such gynecological diseases.


    1. Change underwear every day

      The surface of the sanitary pad keeps the underwear fresh, but it does not guarantee the isolation of germs, so the correct way is to change the underwear every day.

    2. Pay attention to cleaning the vulva

       Clean the vulva every day after using the pad. Do not use the lotion prepared by yourself when cleaning, and do not blindly lavage the vagina.


    3. Pay attention to the breathability of sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad

      Using expired or unqualified sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad can cause fungal vaginitis, so it is very important to buy sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad with good air permeability and guaranteed sanitary quality.

       pads are generally used when women are inconvenient to clean before and after menstruation or when they are traveling. It is best not to use them at other times. We should change clothes in time in our daily life, wash private parts with clean water every day, and use lotion when necessary. Use the pads correctly and reasonably, and let us say goodbye to the disease.





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