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What kind of sanitary napkin is a high-quality bamboo sanitary napkins?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    Soft texture


    Choosing bamboo sanitary napkins products with pure cotton material, natural non-woven fabric or imported net surface as the main material not only ensures that the product surface feels soft and comfortable when in contact with the skin, and moves freely, but also does not cause skin irritation. During daily activities It will not cause skin redness or abrasion due to friction between the skin and the bamboo sanitary napkins.

    Good water absorption

    The surface layer of high-quality bamboo sanitary napkinss adopts newer technologies such as soft cotton drainage holes, and its water absorption capacity is twice that of ordinary cotton bamboo sanitary napkinss. At the same time, the polymer absorbent beads are evenly distributed inside the bamboo sanitary napkins, which can not only effectively absorb and lock moisture, but also It can also absorb 14 times more water than the original capacity of the ordinary towel body. Such water absorption capacity can improve the moist environment on the surface of the bamboo sanitary napkins to the greatest extent and reduce the growth of bacteria.


    Good air permeability

       If the body of the towel is thin and the material is bulky natural non-woven fabric, and it contains a breathable base film and a thin strip of adhesive, the bamboo sanitary napkins will be more breathable in use, and it will not be easy to lock the heat and produce odor.


    Easy to pull sticker design

    If you tear off a piece of bamboo sanitary napkins effortlessly, it can be gently affixed and restored to its original shape, and no residual adhesive will be left on the underwear when it is replaced. The bamboo sanitary napkins that meets this standard has the best viscose performance, and at the same time it is strongly guaranteed It is clean, hygienic and convenient during use.

    Night-use products have unique shapes

       Three-slot protection from side leakage, wings forward, and widening and enlarging the fan-shaped tail, triple combination, can improve the quality of menstrual sleep (sleeping food), and make night rest more worry-free.





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