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How to solve the many limitations of the heat pad for period pain?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-13


    In 2018, the menstrual underwear that had been silent for many years suddenly became popular. Therefore, the total sales doubled. Many well-known brands rushed to add the manufacturing elites in this industry, and the production line increased from a few to dozens.


    Fame ownership, sales market ownership, sales volume ownership... It seems that the worries-free pants are about to enter the early spring of its blooming! As everyone knows, blindly following the trend, it is very prone to oversupply and supply chain balance. Then there are many problems about menstrual underwear:

    There are so many limitations in menstrual underwear, how to break through?

    Use heat pad for period pain at night when menstrual periods are heavy, 2-3 tablets per month, the usage is low;

    heat pad for period pain, put on and take off, how to solve it?

    Knowing it is difficult to know why, discovering a problem is half the problem solved.

    Mr. Lin, a menstrual underwear manufacturer, bluntly said that the market for menstrual underwear production lines that are currently under construction and to be started in the spring must be oversupply, and competition is fierce.


    Direction 1:  heat pad for period pain are as thin as panties

    At this stage, worry-free trousers are more extensive and more like pull-up trousers, with too thick body. Those who know the basic structure of menstrual underwear know that deliberate pursuit of thinness will affect the absorption.

    As for how to achieve compatibility between thinness and absorption, this issue is still being studied.


    Direction 2: Partially replace the heat pad for period pain to solve the problem of wearing and taking off

    The above is a small part of the views, but more people believe that the classification of sanitary napkins has been relatively complete after 30 to 40 years of development. Each single product has its own function and performs its own duties. Menstrual underwear are a must for heavy menstrual nights.

    Some netizens replied: I just don’t like menstrual wash underwear. I hope that menstrual underwear that are easy to put on and take off will appear as soon as possible. In this regard, Menstrual underwear has perfectly solved this problem.

    In short, we have seen many limitations of Menstrual underwear, but there is no need to change too much, because they are flexible, like high-speed trains and airplanes. Although airplanes are fast and large, they can never replace high-speed trains and cannot be integrated into a transportation tool. People do what they need.





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