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Be careful when storing and using sanitary napkins reusable!

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    Because of the physiological characteristics of women, you may find that the underwear is dirty at regular intervals, such as leucorrhea and other substances. At this time, as long as the pads can be used to clean up these substances in time, avoid the odor emission and affect the communication. And work, and if the products stored at home are placed improperly, they are likely to be contaminated and cause indirect threats to human health. Therefore, pad manufacturers believe that in order to avoid this situation, the following aspects need to be paid attention to.


    1. Note that sanitary napkins reusable should not be stored in the bathroom

      Because pads are the most personal daily necessities, they must be kept clean and dry at all times just like underwear. Although they will not be sterilized each time they are used, pad manufacturers emphasize that at least this point must be paid attention to when storing. However, most people often put protective pads in an environment like the bathroom because it is more convenient to use. However, the experts of the pad manufacturer found that most of the bathroom is dark and damp. If the open pad is placed in such an environment for a long time In the environment, it is very likely that bacteria will multiply in it, bringing some health risks. Therefore, the pad manufacturer reminds that the remaining pads should be stored in another suitable place to ensure safety and sanitation.


    2. Note that the sanitary napkins reusable should be used up in the same month after opening

      In order not to give the pads the chance of being contaminated, the pad manufacturers remind us that we should use it up within the specified time after opening it as much as possible, and do not keep it for too long, so that there will be no possible contamination problems. The cushion manufacturer said that if some products are used for too long, they should be directly considered to be thrown away and no longer used. It will be safer, otherwise they must be sealed in a sealed container.


    Three, pay attention to the sanitary napkins reusable should be placed in a ventilated and dry place

       Place the sanitary napkins reusable. The pad manufacturer reminds you to choose a bright, dry and clean place as much as possible. Moreover, the manufacturers of cushions with preferential prices and leading quality emphasize that it should be noted that they generally need to be carried with you when using them, but do not put them together in RMB, lest the bacteria on the money contaminate the cushions and indirectly threaten your health. Therefore, There are many details to pay attention to.





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