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Why foreign women like to use sanitary napkins in bulk?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    For women, menstruation is a unique physiological phenomenon, and its long "bleeding" process will accompany women for about 30 years or more, causing a lot of inconvenience to women. Generally, most of the female sanitary products on the market are sanitary napkins in bulk, and tampons are rarely seen, and there are even fewer users. Why do foreign women like to use tampons, but Chinese women don't? The reason is embarrassing


    1. Different concepts

    If female friends are accustomed to using sanitary napkins in bulk in normal times, or because the tampon is going to enter the female friend’s body, Chinese female friends will choose sanitary napkins in bulk instead of sanitary napkins in bulk out of shyness or embarrassment. strip. In addition, many female friends have a fear of tampons, feeling that tampons are unsafe and easy to leak. This is why many female friends do not want to use tampons.

    2. Feel unhygienic

       Many female friends feel that if the tampon enters the vagina, it is very unhygienic and very easy to cause vaginitis. In fact, if you take good measures in normal times, there will be no signs of uncleanness and unhygienic performance. However, many female friends feel that if the tampon is unclean, bacteria will gradually be introduced into the vagina. Cause gynecological diseases.


    3. Uncomfortable

       Most female friends use up sanitary napkins in bulk. If you suddenly change the tampon, it will make many female friends feel uncomfortable. Because the tampon is inside our vagina, for example, many female friends find it difficult to accept this kind of tampon, so it is said that this kind of tampon will have a certain sense of rejection.

       In fact, tampons and sanitary napkins in bulk are the same. Both can help us welcome the arrival of our aunt. This kind of sanitary products can also protect our immediate release. If female friends want to try, they must use them well.






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