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Don't choose

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    It is normal for girls to come to our aunt regularly every month, which also shows that we are in good health. But if the aunt has been uncomfortable during the period, or even allergic, it will be very repellent to the aunt's arrival. Some girls even suffer from pre-aunt syndrome: lack of energy before they come, their face turns yellow, and their private parts feel moist and sticky.


       In fact, not all girls will be uncomfortable during the aunt period. It has a lot to do with the cloth sanitary napkin you use. Let the editor tell you today that cloth sanitary napkin with these characteristics should not be touched during my aunt.


    1. Scented, cool cloth sanitary napkin

      Many brands will add fragrance or mint to cloth sanitary napkin to cover up the unpleasant bloody smell during menstruation. But not everyone is suitable for use. For example, cloth sanitary napkin that cannot be used with mint ingredients will cause the private parts to be slightly sensitive and have a grainy feeling. So try to choose a tasteless one.

    2. Thick cotton cloth sanitary napkin

      Some girls still like to use heavy cloth sanitary napkin even in the sultry spring and summer. However, the thicker the sanitary napkin is, the more it absorbs, the thicker it is, the better it prevents side leakage. Thick cotton is not only sultry, but also does not absorb sweat and breathe. It has become a breeding ground for bacteria, and it is easy to get gynecological diseases after long-term use.


    3. Too short and too thin

      In the past two years, cloth sanitary napkin abroad have been fired very hot, because some girls feel that these cloth sanitary napkin are more breathable, quick-permeable and comfortable cotton. However, I have tried Korean + Japanese and other major brands, and found that although their cloth sanitary napkin can be 0.1cm thin, they are very short and wider than domestic cloth sanitary napkin. This kind of upper body is not only easy to leak from the front and back, but also rubs against the skin on both sides of the thigh.

    4. Mesh cloth sanitary napkin

      Mesh cloth sanitary napkin have a dry, breathable surface and quick penetration. There will be no residue on the surface, but the friction between the net and the private parts will be much higher than that of cotton. People with sensitive skin use the mesh surface in the summer, and the moisture in the crotch will accumulate, and the friction will become more prone to allergies.





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