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If the women sanitary napkin is not breathable, be careful

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    Women will be embarrassed for those few days every month, and always feel that women sanitary napkin are very uncomfortable. What can I do?


       In those few days, the immunity and resistance of women will be greatly weakened. If the women sanitary napkin are not breathable enough, in addition to making women feel uncomfortable, they will also easily breed bacteria, causing embarrassing gynecological diseases and other symptoms.

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       These 3 diseases come to you!

    1. Vaginal inflammation

       Putting on a sanitary napkin during menstruation is like adding a barrier. If the sanitary napkin is not breathable, it will make it more difficult to "breathe" in the private parts.

       Private parts during menstruation are wrapped in layers, and it is easy to form a warm and humid environment due to the sultry heat and no ventilation, which provides a growing environment for bacteria and germs to multiply.

      Once the vaginal environment is out of balance, it is easy for bacteria such as Candida and Trichomonas to invade and induce vaginal inflammation.

    2. Odor + itching

      Some women sanitary napkin use airtight plastic film as the bottom film, which can easily make women's private parts hot and humid, and produce peculiar smells. Especially for women with allergies, they are prone to skin itching.


    3. Eczema

       Under normal circumstances, women will reduce their menstrual exercise volume, often in a sitting state, and women sanitary napkin are always in "close contact" with their private parts.

    If airtight women sanitary napkin are used, it is like putting on a raincoat on the private parts, which hinders the spread of moisture, which can easily lead to eczema, which makes the skin feel itchy and unbearable.





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