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Different women should choose different sanitary napkins pants

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    Different women should choose different sanitary napkins pants


    Women are most vulnerable to skin damage in sensitive areas during menstruation. Most women experience local skin itching and burning during menstruation. This is mostly caused by the use of non-breathable sanitary napkins pants. In fact, different women should choose different sanitary napkins pants. To pass the menstrual period, choosing the right sanitary napkin is very important.



    Those with sensitive skin are best to use cotton-faced sanitary napkins pants: Cotton-faced sanitary napkins pants are not easy to cause allergies. Women with sensitive skin should use fiber-net sanitary napkins pants with caution.


    Medicinal sanitary napkins pants should be used for people with inflammation of the private parts: Although this sanitary napkin can play a role in cleaning to a certain extent, it cannot sterilize. People with sensitive physique should use it with caution.


    For those with heavy menstrual flow, choose a dry mesh funnel sanitary napkin: the dry surface can protect the local skin from moisture; the funnel design makes it difficult for the infiltrated liquid to flow back.


    The built-in tampons should be used more carefully when going out for exercise: they should be changed every two to three hours. Don't extend the use time because you are worried about waste, so as to avoid infection.





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