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Why do women in confinement have to buy reuseable period pads?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-13


    https://www.perioddiaper.com/hotkey/reuseable_period_pads.htmlI have used reuseable period pads and maternity knife paper. After using them, I feel that the postpartum safety pants are the best, with high comfort and beautiful prices. After childbirth, confinement, wearing a puerperium knife paper stuffy buttocks wet answer, self-perspiration after childbirth, I used a piece of it immediately. During the puerperium, the sanitary napkins were not close to the body and I couldn't sleep at ease. After I was discharged from the hospital, I wore relief pants for postpartum use for fear of dirty bed. Now that the second child is born, I have prepared relief pants for postpartum in advance, and still use this method.


    I didn’t believe in this evil at the time, and the average cost of puerperium knife paper was 3~5 yuan per piece.2~3 hours for a whole film, 30~50 yuan less per day.Plus the miscellaneous things, how much do you have to spend for a day's supplies? This is indeed a big expense for salaried workers.

    Therefore, I am smart, sensible, hardworking and thrifty.I bought relief pants for postpartum, which cost an average of more than 9 hairs, saving dozens of dollars a day,I think I am great!With curiosity at the time, I bought a pack of relief pants for postpartum use.At that time, I saw that the highest sales volume was the relief pants for postpartum use.

    Bought 3 packs of reuseable period pads


    And the truth is: peace of mind pants are better than peace of mind pants, better than death relief pantsMaternity reuseable period pads.Use relief pants for postpartum on the first day, and replace one in two hours.

    I ran out of postpartum relief pants the next dayThat kind of comfort makes me feel like a spring breeze. It is not the largest size, the relief pants used after childbirth are a whole knuckle larger than the night use of ordinary sanitary napkins! ! ! The absorption is very fast, and there is no feeling of tide after the tide.


    If you have a second child, you won’t be killed because you don’t want to buy comfort pants for postpartum, which will save you dozens of dollars. The lesson of blood.





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