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Is it good to stock sanitary napkins reusable?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22

When supermarkets are engaged in activities, some women will be greedy for cheap and buy a lot of sanitary napkins reusable at one time. Although this is special and saves money, there are hidden health risks in it. How about stocking sanitary napkins reusable?


Is it good to stock sanitary napkins reusable?

   Sanitary napkins reusable have a certain shelf life. The closer they are to the production date, the more their quality is guaranteed. In order to be able to sell sanitary napkins reusable close to the production date, some businesses also bundle sanitary napkins reusable directly together for sale. In addition, if the sanitary napkin is stored for too long, it is easy to be contaminated by bacteria and mold, and it may cause gynecological inflammation after use. When buying sanitary napkins reusable, female friends can directly buy them for a period of use. Do not put them directly in a damp bathroom, otherwise bacteria will breed. Sanitary napkins reusable should be placed in a dry and clean place after unpacking.


What are the precautions for sanitary napkins reusable?

1. Don't use scented sanitary napkins reusable

  Some women choose cool or scented sanitary napkins reusable in order to cover the odor of menstrual blood. Although they are very comfortable to use, they may cause allergies. Under normal circumstances, a womans vagina should be in a slightly acidic environment. If the sanitary napkin is added with an alkaline fragrance, its pH will be integrated, thereby destroying the internal environment and causing vaginal itching and allergies.

2. Don't put used sanitary napkins reusable directly in the trash can

   Many women in their lives put used sanitary napkins reusable directly in the trash can and throw them away after the menstrual period is over. In fact, this is a wrong way. Most of the toilets are relatively small and not ventilated, with insufficient sun exposure and humidity, which will allow a large number of bacteria and molds to grow, which will not only make the air in the toilet worse, but also may cause various skin diseases. When mold enters the body, it may cause medical diseases.


3. Do not use sanitary napkins reusable with strong absorption

  Some women like to use sanitary napkins reusable with strong absorption power. This is very easy and does not need to be replaced for several hours, but it will cause female infertility for a long time. During menstruation, womens body resistance and immunity are relatively low. If the sanitary napkins reusable are not replaced for two hours, a large number of bacteria and fungi will grow, which will cause various gynecological inflammations, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, and even It can cause female infertility, so sanitary napkins reusable must be replaced every two hours.





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