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Are china sanitary napkins cool?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    According to statistics, a woman uses about 15,000 china sanitary napkins in her life. Women's pelvic cavity, uterus, cervix, vagina and external environment are connected. This special structure of the reproductive system makes women particularly vulnerable to external pathogens. , Especially during menstruation, the resistance is reduced, and it is more susceptible to the invasion of external pathogens.


    In the process of choosing china sanitary napkins, the majority of women generally ignore the basic function of a sanitary napkin, which is the function of preventing re-seepage. They do not realize that choosing inferior china sanitary napkins not only has poor water absorption, but also re-exuded many times, causing menstrual blood to rise. The menstrual blood of a large number of bacteria re-infiltrates many times, making the user feel uncomfortable, and symptoms such as vulvar itching, burning, swelling and pain will often appear repeatedly, which will not heal for a long time, and even cause various gynecological inflammations.


       At this time, it is the time when women's bodies are the most vulnerable. At this time, a safe sanitary napkin is needed to take care of women's menstrual period.

    There are many cool china sanitary napkins on the market, but there is no description of the added ingredients and amount on the product packaging. Therefore, there is no way to determine whether cool china sanitary napkins are beneficial or harmful to the human body. Let's take a look at the specific analysis of whether the mint type cool china sanitary napkins are harmful to women's health.

    Truth: When women use china sanitary napkins to cool off during menstruation, they will not have a destructive effect on the weak acid environment in the vagina, and will not cause a decrease in menstrual flow. Female friends can choose china sanitary napkins as long as they are qualified. Choose different types according to personal habits.


    Although china sanitary napkins are cool and will not cause a decrease in menstrual blood volume, pay attention when using them. For women with sensitive skin or allergies, it is best to use added fragrances and drugs when choosing china sanitary napkins. China sanitary napkins with relatively few ingredients can avoid skin irritation or allergic reactions.





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